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Thursday, August 26, 2010

About Us

People train at PSKC CrossFit because they are seeking the best path to fitness and community. The most fun loving and hard working people can be found here. No matter the fitness level...the common bond is wanting to be better.

PSKC is dedicated to one very simple task:

Building a stronger community. 

How we do it that is through a strength and conditioning program called CrossFit

I was introduced to CrossFit while serving on active duty in the US Army in 2007. It was a very humbling and life changing experience. Since that time I have spent time learning from the best and assembling an amazing team of PSKC CrossFit coaches who live to coach and teach CrossFit to the people of Southern Ohio. 

Everyday you come to the gym we want to make you better than the day before. We use CrossFit to help people become better, stronger, and healthier. 

This is our PASSION

Our programming will build your strength and your work capacity. Most importantly you will forge strong relationships with those around you and become a member of a global fitness community, you will become a CrossFitter. 

Our facility a simple warehouse made of brick, wood, and concrete that is filled with iron, steel, hard work, amazing people, exhaustion, and laughter. It is cold in the winter and hot in the summer, you won't find easy solutions or excuses. We do not fear the hard path...we cherish the journey. Where other gyms showcase their luxury and amenities, we only offer you results through hard work.

We offer the area's most passionate, knowledgeable and experienced CrossFit coaches. This is what we do, we've literally spent years honing our craft. This is not a "fad" for us. This is our passion, our purpose.

Whether you're looking to be active in CrossFit competitions or simply looking to drop a couple of pounds and get fit. Our staff will be there to guide you every step of the way and celebrate each and every success with you along the way.

You will train in a team setting, not by yourself. Everyone is at a different fitness levels and exercises/workouts are modified accordingly, but the one equalizer for everyone is effort. You will be surrounded by people who thrive on training hard and pushing to their limit.

You'll come for the amazing workouts and first class coaching...but you will stay for the members, those who sweat and sacrifice right alongside you.

We can't wait for you to join us!

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