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Sunday, October 27, 2013

WE'VE MOVED! 549 3rd St

After some very LONG days and hours the new place is up and running! Starting Monday at 430pm we have classes at the new place:

549 3rd St. Portsmouth, OH

In addition to the new facility we've got a revamped new website!

This will be the last post on this blog, so please bookmark and follow us there.

We want to send a very special thanks to everyone who participated in the last workout at the original gym and helped the move.

Also this Saturday is bring a friend day! From 9-10am you can bring a friend for a free workout in the new place. Immediately following we will hold an open house where you can check out the new space and see what all we'll have to offer. Let your friends know!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Gym Update

We are getting close! We just need to finish the bathrooms then move in and you guys will have 6000sq ft of CrossFit awesomeness. Since this summer a lot of people have been working HARD to bring this project to life and we are pumped to get up and going. There is going to be lots of bonuses and perks for you all.

SAVE THE DATE: We are looking at moving in on Saturday October 26th. We will have our last Pain Clinic at the old gym at 0900 and then go straight into moving/setting things up right after that. We will need as much help as possible to make it quick and painless. Bring a truck, bring a friend!

The week before the 26th the gym will be bare bones as we will be moving things out throughout the week. It will pretty much look like it used to when we first opened up over 3 years ago.

Below are some photos of the progress of the new digs:

It's gong to be great and we can't wait for the many memories to come.

Here is this week's prograaming. It's max out week, so you guys need to ingesting more quality calories this week to ensure you're primed and ready to go for the 1RM efforts. Don't forget to be getting quality sleep and recovery as well.

1RM Deadlift
15 OH Squat 95/65
Legion Run
15 Burpee Box Jumps
Stoplight Run
15 Weighted Lunges 95/65
Gate Sprint

Test Max Pull-ups
TGU-work up to heavy Turkish getup
5 rounds
10 OH Swings 53/35
10 KB Snatch (5 each arm)
10 Gob Squats
10 T2B
Cash Out-Row 500 meters or 50 cal airdyne

1RM Military Press
You go I go style, teams of 2
6 Gate Sprints (3 gate sprints per person)
5 Clean and Press 115/85
10 Push-ups
20 Rounds (10 rounds per person)

HSPU and Pistols(each leg)
30/30/30x4 stay at the same station
Mountain Climbers/Plank
Swings/Rack Hold
Flutter Kicks/Hold legs 6" off ground

Burpee Pull-ups
Back Squat 95/65
Push Press 95/65
Weighted Sit-ups
Lantern Run

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Importance of Recovery: SLEEP

One of the many takeaways from the Gym Jones seminar was the importance of recovery. We believe the three pillars to optimum health and fitness are:
2) Diet/Nutrition

We've got your exercise part covered. We offer the best general physical preparedness program. It works, we have several hours of data and results to prove it. Keep in mind though, that’s only 1 hour out of the day. The 23 other hours can really hinder the progress you just attained if you’re not paying attention to your recovery practices.

What you need to really understand is that you can only train to the level you can recover from. It's as simple as credit/debit system. The more physical stress you impose on your body (debts), the more recovery practices you need to conduct (credit).

We have done a good job of creating folks who love to train hard and train frequently. This is okay if you’re recovered properly. If you’re not you’re running a big risk of stagnant performance at best, injury at worst. Trust me I teach this lesson to myself over, over, and over again. Sometimes you have to listen to your body and not your ego.

If you're noticing a tweak, tightness, slight pain...lay It's not a matter of being tough, it's a matter of being healthy. I'd rather take 2 days off now, instead of being laid up for two weeks. It comes down to risk versus reward.

We will never instruct you to do high reps of box jumps with bounding up and down the box. We will preach to step down. We never program high rep barbell snatches in the workouts. The risk of injury is too high. However, if you're going to be doing competitions be prepared to do that stuff, you'll have to make that individual choice when it presents itself.

"Training is chess: think ahead. If taking big risk right now seems a great idea there's a rook or a knight waiting to cut you at the knees."
-Gym Jones

Be smart about your training. Do everything you can to be fully recovered, healed, and hungry to train. It's not a matter of quantity of's a matter of quality of your training. If you can make it to the gym 4 days a week, structure the rest of your days/hours around making those workouts the best you can be. You want to make sure you're rested, ready, and hungry to go for it on those days. In other words, you want to be fully recovered.

“Work + Rest = Training, Don't Do The Work If You Don't Have The Balls To Rest.”
-Gym Jones

If you’re eating like shit, sleeping like shit, and stressed to the max, how successful is your training program going to be?

Over the course of the next several weeks we plan to cover these recovery factors in detail:
1) Sleep
2) Diet/Nutrition
3) Stress

This post will focus on the importance of SLEEP:.

Get 8 hours of sleep a day. Period. If not, you are not operating at an optimum level. There is no argument to this. Not even the standard "I go just fine on 5-6 hours a night". No you don't. Compared to what? That's like saying I do fine working out while smoking a pack a day. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should or more importantly you are functioning at an optimal level.

You CAN get more sleep if you WANT it bad enough. You need to start thinking of getting enough sleep as the same as getting enough water. If I step foot in the gym having very little water intake, I know my workout and associated performance is going to be terrible. On the same token I can’t expect to be awesome on a habitual 4-5 hours sleep.

Like anything else that’s important you’ve got to make it a priority, same with sleep. Here are some tips to get more quality sleep.
1)      Sleep in a completely dark room. No lights, use black out curtains, tape over LED lights, etc.
2)      Shut shit down. Turn off the laptop/Ipad/Phone. No checking Facebook, twitter, etc. Get in bed and relax, read a book or watch the History channel. Establish a bed time routine, declutter the brain and get to bed early.
3)      Drink magnesium before bed. I started doing this and the quality of my sleep has dramatically improved. Check out this for why
4)      Click here for other great tips click HERE 

The majority of you are not getting enough sleep. You’re putting yourself at risk for a whole bunch of risk factors (disease, being fat, early death, looking like shit). Make sleep a priority and watch everything around you start to improve.

Monday, September 30, 2013


We are 1 month out from the 20X challenge! Now is the time to get signed up for this once and a lifetime experience. We've been fielding lots of questions of about the "20X" term and below you'll read straight from the founder of SealFit about the 20X Factor.

You may have heard me speak of the 20X Factor. It’s that watershed moment when you find that you are capable of far more than you previously allowed yourself to experience. This experience – Kokoro and Unbeatable Mind are good examples – alters your internal sense of self and concept of what is possible physically, mentally and emotionally. Your rational self gets out of your own way as you begin to trust your deeper powers. The 20X Factor is a super motivating concept that requires us to confront the limiting beliefs, behaviors and attitudes that have held us back from achieving our potential.

Beliefs: A belief is a concept or pattern of thought taken as true at face value, regardless of its objective truth; they have either been programmed through our nurturing or established through observation and experience. Most weak beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies because the belief leads to behavior that reinforces the belief, thereby cementing an attitude around it for a lifetime.

A good example is physical output. Many people believe their physical capabilities to be vastly more limited than they are. This belief system is built upon the weak pattern of thought around physical effort in a society that has grown soft. It has been further reinforced by a consumer driven marketing and litigation system that shakes down or penalizes anyone who pushes “hard work” as a product or service. Thus there has been a sad dumbing down, or outright elimination, of quality physical training in the educational system and in mainstream products and services. So a few generations have grown up not being pushed to experience the tremendous potential of their bodies and minds, and therefore they have no reason to believe in their vast potential.

Behaviors: Beliefs drive behaviors and behaviors cultivate habits – which define our destinies. We must not underestimate the body-mind connection when it comes to physical beliefs. A weak body weakens the mind and vice-versa. Even if you were positively challenged as a kid with an amazing parent or athletic coach, if you stopped training when you entered the workforce (and there are many realistic reasons for this), then you shifted from strong to weak behavior and made a habit of that weakness. So your destiny becomes one of physical decline and the mental frustration combined with a lack of confidence that comes with it. Many super intelligent executives come to me seeking mental toughness, and the first wave of mental toughness is found by re-committing to developing a stronger body and changing beliefs around what is possible at their age and place in life.

Attitude: Strong 20X beliefs, backed by 20X behavior will develop a “20X-er attitude”. The 20X-er attitude is seen in those who commit to “hard” and show up to put out 100% all the time. Whether on the training field, in the arena of the professional life or at home, a 20X-er brings the razor’s edge of excellence to every action. Rather than a random work out, 20X-ers train with a purposeful and challenging regimen like SEALFIT. Rather than turning the tube on at night, they feed their hearts and minds with great books, meditation or insight work. Rather than engaging in negative gossip, bickering or judging, 20X-ers hold their tongues and practice authentic communication. The 20X-ers reward is a character laced with confidence, mental toughness, patience, respect and humility. The destiny takes care of itself.

Train hard, stay safe, and go find your 20X Factor now!

CDR Divine
SEALFIT & Unbeatable Mind

If this sounds like something you'd like to experience, we'd love to have you join us on November 2nd. Click HERE to register!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pull Up Program & 9/16/13 Programming

Get ready for pull ups...and LOTS of them. This cycle we're going to be training strict pullups 3 days/week (Mon/Wed/Fri). On Monday/Wed we will do the pull up sets in between the deadlift/military press sets. On Friday, we'll start with our pullups then go into the SealFit Friday workout.

For example on Monday, if the strength portion is 5 x 5 deadlift at 60%, you'll knock out your first set of deadlifts then bang out for your first set of pullups, rinse and repeat until all sets for BOTH exercises are complete.

Here's the details of the program. This is taken from Pavel's fighter program and modified somewhat.

The program is scaled to anyone depending on how many pullups they did and/or whatever band assistance they used. However, you need at least a 3RM on a band. Per Pavel;

"You start with an all-out set and then cut a rep in each consecutive set for a total of five sets. The next day add a rep to the last set. Then a rep to the set before that, etc."

To make it Kentucky proof, here's the deal:
1) You'll always do a total of 5 sets.
2) Your first set will always be an "all out" set. Based on that number, you simply subtract a repetition for each following set (ladder down).
3) The next day you do pull ups, you add in one more rep in order to increase your total volume by +1.

This is an example of the first week for someone with a 5RM:
Monday - 5RM,4,3,2,1 (total = 15)
Wednesday - 5RM,4,3,2,2 (total = 16)
Friday - 5RM,4,3,3,2 (total = 17)

Next week we start back on Monday and begin again with another all out set. If this time you were able to get 6 on your all out set, your program would look like this:
Monday - 6RM,5,4,3,2, (total = 20)
Wednesday - 6RM,5,4,3,3 (total = 21)
Friday - 6RM,5,4,4,3 (total = 22)

Per the article, the higher the # of pull ups the greater the decrease in pull ups in between sets. For our purposes, once you have a 10RM you will subtract your sets by 2.
Monday - 10RM, 8, 6, 4, 2 (total = 30)
Wednesday - 10RM, 8, 6, 4, 3 (total = 31)
Friday - 10RM, 8, 6, 4, 4 (total = 32)

For you to really reap the benefits of this program it will require 2 main things:
1) Consistency, you need to do this a MINIMUM of 3 x days/week. The program is actually designed for 5 x days/week. So if want to, come to class early a couple days a week and knock your "homework". Or you can actually do these at home as well if you miss a day in the gym.
2) Logging, you will need to keep a daily total of your total pull up volume so you know what number to increase on your next pull up day.

Coach Zak has even made this way too easy for you guys. He developed a customized excel spreadsheet that you can download to your phone! All you need to do is input your current pull up numbers into the spreadsheet and it calculates out your volume for you!
Click HERE for the program.

Now onto this week's programming:
a. Deadlift 5x5 @ 60%1RM
b. Strict Pullup sets

10 min AMRAP
15 x HSPU
15 x Slamball
15 x Box Jump

Power/Squat Clean 5-3-3-1-1

4 rounds
5 kb snatches  (53/35)
5 kb clean & press
5 kb 1 arm rack squats
*all reps must be completed on one side before being switched to the other.
**every 2 minutes perform 5 burpees, then pick up where you left off.

a. Military 5x5 @ 60%1RM
b. Strict Pullup sets

Teams of 4 - "Airdyne 500"
Each person does 20 cal sprint while other 3 rest, relay style until 500 cals is reached.
*cool down = accumulate 5 minutes in the plank (time permitting)

10 minutes to work up to 1RM "Bear Complex"
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Behind the neck Push Press

With a partner, complete AMRAP in 4 minutes at each of the
following stations:
 Wallball (20#/14#)
 KB swing (70#/53#)
 Sit ups
 Overhead lunges (45#/25#)
 burpee box jumps
 *Only 1 partner can be working at a time and score is total number of reps

Pullup Program Sets/Reps
Stoplight Run with 45/25lb plate
50 x Thrusters 115/85
Stoplight Run with 45/25lb plate
50 x T2B
Stoplight run with 45/25lb plate

Sunday, September 8, 2013

9/9/13 Week of Programming

Art in the new gym

After a tough week we are back to regular schedule and excited to get back to training! This week we're kicking off a new cycle. The lower body lift will be the deadlift and for the upper body lift we're combining max dead hang (no kipping) pullups with military press.

A couple notes, remember when you're establishing your training 1RM maxes for  your lifts, these are not a true all out 1RM. This will happen at the end of the cycle. Just work your way up to a heavy 1RM and use that number to base your percentages off of for the rest of the cycle. We will really go for PRs at the END of the cycle.

When it comes time to test on your pullups and you can't bang out one without a band, no problem. Just choose the band strength where you can get at least 3 pullups.

Finally, beginning this Friday we're introducing SEALFIT Fridays. This is a day dedicated to training to the upcoming 20X Challenge being hosted at PSKC. If you're going to participate you must complete in the workouts wearing your BDU pants and boots. This way your boots will be broken in and you're used to training in your gear. We will also start rucking.

Here's this week's programming. We had to move some things around in order to do a special 9/11 Memorial workout.

Establish Deadlift Training Max
12 minute AMRAP
6 OH Squats 95/65
9 Box Jumps
12 HR Push-ups
Cash out-500 meter row

Establish maximum number of Strict Pull-ups then..
Establish Military Press training max
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Weighted Sit-ups
(All exercises 10 times, then 9, etc.)

Wednesday - 9/11 Memorial Workout
Lantern run


30/24in Box Jump

125/85 Thruster (deaths @ pentagon)

Burpee Chest To Bar Pull-Ups

175/120 Power Clean (AA FLight #175 (south tower))

Hand Stand Push Ups

KB Swings (2 pood/1.5 pood)

Toes To Bar

170/120 lb DL (Flight 77 and flight 93)

110/75 Push Jerk (number of floors in each tower)

Finish with Lantern run

5-4-3-2-1 DB KB Thrusters
5 KB Snatch (each arm) 53/35
5 KB Push Press (each arm)
10 Goblet Squats
15 OH Swings
3 Rounds

SealFit Friday. 
Teams of 2 (wear your boots and BDUs)
50 Curtis Ps 95/65
Legion Run with ruck if you have one
40 Curtis Ps
Legion Run with ruck
30 Curtis Ps
Legion Run with ruck
20 Curtis Ps
Legion Run with ruck
10 Curtis Ps
You go I go style on the Curtis Ps and the runs together.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013



Last night everyone's lil buddy passed on. To quote his mother "he gained his angel wings in his mommy's arms just after midnight, surrounded by his family."

The family wishes to express their most sincere gratitude and appreciation for all those who have battled alongside with them. 

Today is not a day to mourn. Today is a day to celebrate. 

Boston touched more lives in the 4 years he walked this earth than most people do in their entire lifetime. 

The following will be the schedule for the rest of the week at the gym and the visitation and funeral arrangements:

THURSDAY - 530pm the "BOSTON" HERO Workout
7/22/09 - Boston's Birthday
7 deadlifts - 225/155
22 kb snatches 53/35 (11 each arm)
9 "Slurpees" (slamball to burpee) 20/10
4 rounds for time

We will open our doors up at 530pm at the gym for any and all would like to come down and honor Boston through this Hero workout. We will run heats every 15 minutes and stay as long as needed. Everything can be scaled to meet each person's ability. Any and all are welcome to come and pay tribute through this workout. 
**The rest of the classes will be cancelled for the remainder of the week in order to attend visitation/funeral services. Regular schedule will resume on Monday. 

Visitation at Melcher funeral home from 5pm -8pm 

Funeral services 10am at Holy Redeemer Church

The family requests that you wear your favorite John Deere and/or Battling for Boston shirts for both the visitation and funeral services. 

This will be a time to celebrate an amazing little boy's life not for sadness. Boston wouldn't have it any other way. He was wild, he was hilarious, he was stinker, he was a sweetheart and that's exactly how we will remember him. 

Joe and Ash wants to directly thank YOU, each and every one of you over the last 9 months who have joined the battle. A community has united under the B4B banner and strengthened one another through love, prayers, and support. The family is amazed and humbled through your support. 

The family is strong...strengthened through their faith in God..and strengthened through you. Please continue your love, support, and thoughts. 

Most importantly the family requests that you cherish...

each breath
each moment 
each smile
each laugh
each hug
each kiss

you have with your loved ones. Time is precious, time is a gift. Honor it through your actions..

Today we battle hard for Boston...