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Monday, September 30, 2013


We are 1 month out from the 20X challenge! Now is the time to get signed up for this once and a lifetime experience. We've been fielding lots of questions of about the "20X" term and below you'll read straight from the founder of SealFit about the 20X Factor.

You may have heard me speak of the 20X Factor. It’s that watershed moment when you find that you are capable of far more than you previously allowed yourself to experience. This experience – Kokoro and Unbeatable Mind are good examples – alters your internal sense of self and concept of what is possible physically, mentally and emotionally. Your rational self gets out of your own way as you begin to trust your deeper powers. The 20X Factor is a super motivating concept that requires us to confront the limiting beliefs, behaviors and attitudes that have held us back from achieving our potential.

Beliefs: A belief is a concept or pattern of thought taken as true at face value, regardless of its objective truth; they have either been programmed through our nurturing or established through observation and experience. Most weak beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies because the belief leads to behavior that reinforces the belief, thereby cementing an attitude around it for a lifetime.

A good example is physical output. Many people believe their physical capabilities to be vastly more limited than they are. This belief system is built upon the weak pattern of thought around physical effort in a society that has grown soft. It has been further reinforced by a consumer driven marketing and litigation system that shakes down or penalizes anyone who pushes “hard work” as a product or service. Thus there has been a sad dumbing down, or outright elimination, of quality physical training in the educational system and in mainstream products and services. So a few generations have grown up not being pushed to experience the tremendous potential of their bodies and minds, and therefore they have no reason to believe in their vast potential.

Behaviors: Beliefs drive behaviors and behaviors cultivate habits – which define our destinies. We must not underestimate the body-mind connection when it comes to physical beliefs. A weak body weakens the mind and vice-versa. Even if you were positively challenged as a kid with an amazing parent or athletic coach, if you stopped training when you entered the workforce (and there are many realistic reasons for this), then you shifted from strong to weak behavior and made a habit of that weakness. So your destiny becomes one of physical decline and the mental frustration combined with a lack of confidence that comes with it. Many super intelligent executives come to me seeking mental toughness, and the first wave of mental toughness is found by re-committing to developing a stronger body and changing beliefs around what is possible at their age and place in life.

Attitude: Strong 20X beliefs, backed by 20X behavior will develop a “20X-er attitude”. The 20X-er attitude is seen in those who commit to “hard” and show up to put out 100% all the time. Whether on the training field, in the arena of the professional life or at home, a 20X-er brings the razor’s edge of excellence to every action. Rather than a random work out, 20X-ers train with a purposeful and challenging regimen like SEALFIT. Rather than turning the tube on at night, they feed their hearts and minds with great books, meditation or insight work. Rather than engaging in negative gossip, bickering or judging, 20X-ers hold their tongues and practice authentic communication. The 20X-ers reward is a character laced with confidence, mental toughness, patience, respect and humility. The destiny takes care of itself.

Train hard, stay safe, and go find your 20X Factor now!

CDR Divine
SEALFIT & Unbeatable Mind

If this sounds like something you'd like to experience, we'd love to have you join us on November 2nd. Click HERE to register!

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