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Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Eve Schedule

On Monday we will have a 9am & 4:30pm options.

Tuesday (New Years Day) we will be closed.

Regular schedule on Wednesday!

Beginning on Saturday January 5th, we will be implementing some new programming and class schedule. A more detailed post will follow.

But for the 5th it's bring a friend Pain Clinic! So if you've got a friend who you've been telling about the gym, bring them down on the 5th for a free workout and a chance to see what we're all about!

See you guys tomorrow! We'll send you out with a bang!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

There Is Work to Be Done

2012 was an incredible year at the gym. We grew in numbers, events, equipment, and improvements to the gym. Strength was gained, pounds were lost, and lives changed.


We can get you where you want to be but it won't be easy and you'll have to do your part. We don't want you to from January to February, we want don't resolutions we want long term changes.  Give us 3-4 workouts a week, tighten up your diet, and within 2-3 months you'll notice changes. So much so, you will refuse to go back to the way you used to be.

It's not an empty promise, it's a fact because we have seen it happen time and time again.

Whether you want to be an athlete looking to do competitions/events/obstacle races...or just want to be in better shape to play with your kids. We will get you there...

We will get you there because we are dedicated to making you better. This isn't our job...this is our passion.

This isn't a fad...

This is our life's work, our purpose...

Let us make 2013 your best year yet. Email and let's get started. There's work to be done.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas guys!!! We hope you enjoy every second of spending time with your loved ones. We will back to regular schedule on Wednesday throughout the rest of the week.

Thanks to our friends at FighterZ Wanted we were able to get your all some gifts this year! Airdynes...a torture device! Truly the gift that keeps on giving..


Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas/New Years Schedule

Here's our schedule for the Holidays:

Christmas Eve (Monday) - 9am only
Christmas - closed
Wednesday-Saturday: regular schedule

New Years Eve (Monday) - 9am only
New Years Day - closed
Wednesday - regular schedule

We will be implementing some awesome additions/improvements starting with the New Year. The first thing will be on Saturday, January 5th with a "Bring a Friend" Pain Clinic. This is a free workout for a friend of yours. You'll be their partner for the Pain Clinic and it's a great chance for them to check out the gym and see what we're all about. So let them know now to save the date for Saturday the 5th.

We'll be posting a full update of what you can expect to see in the New Year! One teaser...6am classes on Tuesday & Thursday! Maybe Santa needs to buy a Keurig for the gym!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Strength Goals

Many of you have been asking about goals to shoot for in regards to strength numbers. Additionally, considering that the New Year is rolling around I wanted to provide you a list of general strength goals to shoot for if you’re not already there on some of them.

Keep in mind these are relative strength to bodyweight goals. A 500lb deadlift is pretty impressive for a 250lb male it's even way more cool for a 165lb male. These goals were developed from a collection of expertise through Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength, Military Athlete, and Gym Jones and our own experience in the gym.

These are not strength standards as compared to the power lifting/Olympic lifting arenas which rightfully so are considerably higher. Maximal strength is amazing and impressive, but our goal at the gym is to produce relative strength but not at the expense of conditioning/capacity. We want to produce well rounded strong and capable individuals that are as strong as possible and able to handle any task that life may throw your way. A 500lb deadlift is awesome, but not at the expense of a drastic decrease in your conditioning levels. 

These goals are something an individual could expect to achieve given the proper amount of dedication, training, and recovery. They do not represent an end to themselves either, more simply an indication that a solid BASE of strength has been achieved. 

9.       PULLUPS: 12 DEAD HANG (M), 4 (F)
10.     HSPU: 8 STRICT (M), 3 (M)

Review the list, evaluate where you’re at and start forging ahead to get there. If you're already on some or all of them, continue to progress forward. We will be there to help you along the way no matter where you're currently at. 

Starting the first week in January we are adding in more linear progression to our strength training that will give you a better systematic approach to getting stronger.  It will require you to establish 1 rep maxes (1RM) in certain lifts and calculate %s based on those lifts. More of that later..

In the meantime, keep training hard and being awesome. For those that want to train hard and be awesome, we are having a beginners program this Thursday at 630pm. We’d love to get you started down the right track. Email to grab you a slot!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


On Saturday we had approximately 40 future USMC recruits along with around 15 Portsmouth High School Football players come down for a 1/2 day evolution of mental and physical development.

We started the day with some classroom instruction on the importance of developing positive self-talk in order to forge mental toughness. Additionally, we hit on the 8 step Troop Leading Procedures to assist in leadership development.

After the classroom instruction portion was complete we broke into a group warmup and provided instruction on a proper air squat and pushup.

We then broke into 6 man squads where each squad needed to gather 25lbs of weight per person to be carried a 1/2 mile to the next objective. At the objective it was time to put into practice the earlier lessons of mental toughness and teamwork via levee bear crawls.

Of course for those who refused to take proper care of themselves and make smart decisions. The wizard took some victims.

After death by bear crawl was over, it was time to return to base via a 1/2 mile truck push loaded with a couple hundred pounds.

We'd like to thank our future warriors for coming out, the amazing staff at RSS Huntington, all the volunteers who donated their time to help, and the young men on the football team to chose to challenge themselves.

Looking forward to the next time!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Beginners Program = Thursday 630pm

Our next beginners program kicks off Thursday at 630pm. The time to start is NOW. Don't wait until the New Year to start. Shoot Coach Mo an email at to grab a slot. Speaking of the New Year, we will be bringing you guys some new stuff we're very excited about.

One of those things will be monthly "Bring a Friend" Pain Clinics. The first Saturday of each month will be "Bring a Friend" workouts, the cost is free for your friend and it's a chance for them to check us out and see what we're all about. Being that Pain Clinics are partner workouts, your friend will work out with you and you can get a chance to help navigate the pain train. The first "Bring a Friend" Pain Clinic will be Saturday January 5th.

As much as I hate to admit it. It is getting colder. If it were solely up to me, we'd be rocking straight Rocky IV style with open garage doors. But we do have some folks on the staff who enjoy more of a "tropical" feel so we've sparked up our propane heater and we will closing the doors for the winter after this weekend so we can further insulate around them.

Some of the morning crew have been showing up to the evening classes which is great but it drops off attendance in the mornings. Primarily due to the fact they lack the intestinal fortitude to handle the 20-30 degree mornings. (Coach Zak is there at 5am 3-4 days a week, so you get no sympathy from us).

We are kicking around the option of going to Mon/Wed/Fri morning classes until Spring time rolls around. We are here to serve you all. So let us know if this will impact your ability to get to the gym.

Lastly, we are cooking up something awesome for the USMC Poolees this Saturday. So Saturday's Pain Clinic will be early 0830-0930. If you're volunteering, we need you there by 0930.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

USMC at PSKC Saturday December 15th!

This Saturday we are conducting our quarterly team buidling/motivation training with future USMC recruits (poolees) from the Tri-State area. We will putting these young men and women through a couple hours of physical training, teamwork, and the development of communication skills under stress.

The training will start at 10am on Saturday. We will have an early Pain Clinic from 0830-0930. And we need your help!! We need several volunteers to help these young men and women out. Those who have helped in the past will tell you it's an incredible rewarding experience. We will need you to run stations/events that we put these guys through.

 Email Dale at if you'd like to volunteer and help out the next generation of warriors from our own hometowns.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

From Weakness to Aggression

Even in an incredibly supportive environment, YOU are the one that has to get through it

Yesterday we conducted a workout inspired from GYM JONES . Quite simple on paper, take 2 kettlebells (35m/18f) and perform 100 X Double Clean and Press. The only problem is that once you start you cannot set the bells down. The only authorized "rest" position is in the farmers carry position.

If the person tapped out and quit before they reached 100 reps, the penalty was 25 burpees to be completed on the spot each and every time until the 100 reps were completed.

This physical test was grueling. But much more important was the ability to silence and redirect the mental chatter throughout the course of the 100 rep odyssey. Pretty early on the thoughts of negativity and weakness enter the brain. From a coach's perspective it's fascinating to watch how people respond to when they are immersed in a pool of discomfort.  Immediately, the face/eyes/body language start to display what the mind is thinking...
immediate regret from setting the bells down

"There's no way I'm gonna make it through this, I'm only on rep 17 and my shoulders/arms are toast. I can barely hold on.."

So then the immediate option is let's the individual drops the bells into the farmers carry position. A maximum of 3-6 seconds of rest is achieved before discomfort settles in...then the battle begins. By rep really start to find out what's gonna happen. Right now the choice is purely and solely that exact moment you are choosing your are planting the seed for future success or a visit to the burpee reaper. It's at this exact moment when negativity creeps into your brain...that you choose to feed into the thoughts of pain/weakness/discomfort OR you immediately INTERDICT and RE-DIRECT. 

I recently completed the 12 month Unbeatable Mind Academy (UMA) course created by SEALFIT owner Mark Divine. UMA is designed to teach the lessons of developing mental toughness and forged an unconquerable spirit. CMDR Divine speaks in great detail on the ability to tame the mind from negativity. I've discussed before the parable of the Courage vs. Fear Wolf and how ultimately whatever energy (positive vs. negative) you feed your mind will takeover your life.

The 100 x clean and press workout was an opportunity to "witness" what your mind will do and more importantly your ability to overcome. First and foremost the battle is won in the mind first. 

In the UMA you learn to develop the ability to WITNESS. This is the ability to check in and see exactly where we are mentally. What thoughts are racing in our brains/minds..are they positively or negatively charged? (fear vs courage wolf). 

Secondly, and most importantly is the ability to INTERDICT. For example at rep 17, through our ability to "witness", we quickly realized we were experiencing some discomfort and we had 83 more reps to go. After that thought entered your mind..what did you do next? 

For some it was..."I GOT THIS. I've been here before. Every rep makes me stronger" A great example of interdicting the negative thought pattern and replacing with positive/aggressive statements. 
engaging in an offensive mindset

For others it was "ohhh shit...there's no way..I've got 87 more to go..I can't get through this. It hurts to even hold the kettlebells." Without the ability to interdict negative thought patterns, quitting becomes an easier pillow to swallow. 

The next step is to RE-DIRECT. After we've acknowledged the weak/negative thought pattern, and stopped it through we must now immediately replace/re-direct positive aggressive statements/thoughts/mantras. For some I recommend you become angry at the thought of quitting. Re-direct the thoughts into aggressive positive statements. 

Then we just rinse and repeat. Every new negative/weak thought..we simply repeat the process. WITNESS

And before you know go from rep 17 and suddenly you're at 97 with only 3 more to go. Stronger mentally and physically along the way.

Too often in life, people allow themselves to be the victim of their story. Blaming others and situations....negativity breeds negative outcomes. Be the person others lean on....not the other way around.

"It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul."

William Ernest Henley 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Olympic Lifting Options

nothing like 2 man teams pulling a RZR for a 5K
This week you will notice we are adding in the option of an Olympic lift to be done during the strength/skill portion of certain workouts (depending upon the programming). So for example this will be Monday's training:

Deadlift - 3
Double KB Strict Press - 3
5 rounds

*Olympic Lifting Option:
Clean and Jerk
Spend remaining time working heavy singles

100 X Double KB Clean and Press (35/18)
* DO NOT SET BELLS DOWN. Only authorized resting position is farmers carry hold. Do not set on shoulders and/or legs. INTEGRITY. If you set bells down or use unauthorized resting position, you immediately perform 25 burpees.

As you can see during the S/S portion we will have 2 different options going on at the same time. On the gym floor we will separate these two groups out with a coach with each group. HOWEVER, in order to participate in the Olympic lifting portion, you must have taken an Olympic Lifting intro. To do so, send Coach Zak an email ( and he will get you started. 
The Olympic lifts aren't just something you can pick up on your own. You need to be trained by a certified coach to get you started down the right path. Just so happens all of our coaches are USAW level 1 coaches. 

We believe this will accommodate everyone's needs and give you guys a chance to pick what you want to work on. The choice is yours. If O-lifting doesn't interest you, no problem you can still work the basic lifts and continue to advance your strength levels. Then after the S/S portion is over we link back up for the finisher. 

See you guys for another great week of training!