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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PSKC Joins Team Red White Blue (RWB) for 9/11 Fundraiser

PSKC is proud to join Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB). Team RWB is a non-profit veteran organization whose vision is to transform the way wounded veterans are reintegrated into society when they return from combat and exit their position.

By definition PSKC is a small veteran owned business and our vision for the gym is greatly influenced by the time I spent in the military. One of our core values is the development of mental and physical fitness through tough, demanding, yet rewarding hard work. This is the one of the key areas Team RWB also believes.

They believe;

"strong relationships between veterans and their fellow Americans are critical to veterans’ reintegration into civilian life as well as our nation’s success. That’s why Team RWB’s mission is to enrich the lives of wounded veterans and their families. Team RWB works toward this mission by focusing on three key areas:

1. Personal connectivity between Veterans with invisible wounds and citizens in the community where they now live

- Community-building events that bring Veterans together with citizens
- Formation of friendships and natural individual relationships

2. Reintegration through physical fitness

- Physical: rebuild the body, give structure to life and bolster self-esteem
- Psychological: help to process experiences from Iraq/Afghanistan
- Social: connect with people to run, bike, workout and be active

3. Galvanization of esprit de corps and team membership

- Bringing back the feeling from the military of pride and being part of a unit"

In order to support such a worthy organization we will participating in the Operation Vigilance workout organized by WOD for Warriors, the functional fitness branch of Team RWB. 

Op Vigilance is:

2730 foot rope climb, May be done as a team.

"The symbolism of this climb lies within the twin towers - 2730 feet was their combined height.   Their formerly imposing stance in the New York City skyline made them a target, and once hit, an impossible situation.  The lesson we must never forget from the day is where necessity meets impossibility, the mentally and physically prepared can step forth and say “follow me”.  Stay ready. Be vigilant."

Our hopes are right around 12ft high. We will measure to make sure, so that breaks down to 227.5 rope climbs to hit the 2730ft mark. You guys can get into team and knock this out. Also if you'd like to attempt solo or in partners, you can do that as well. Scaling will also be offered for those who have difficulty This would definitely be a boots and BDUs kinda workout. 

In addition to participating in the workout, more importantly, we will be using this opportunity to raise money for Team RWB. We have set a goal of $1000 to donate to this organization. As usual we rely heavily on your generous support to reach this goal. On the day of the event will be collecting donations to be made to Team RWB. 

We have approximately two weeks before Operation Vigilance. Between now and then grab a coach before or after class and we'll help you with your rope climb technique. We want maximum participation to show that we will never forget and we will always remain vigilant. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monthly Auto-Pay Enrollment

We're happy to bring you a no hassle method to pay your  membership dues. Once you're set up your monthly dues are automatically deducted from your Paypal account every month.

We believe this is the best way to serve you guys. This way we both don't have to worry about tracking dues at the desk and we can focus our time on training. All you need is PayPal account and you're good to go, just hit the "subscribe" button below!


  1. In addition to enrolling online please ensure you sign the 12 month commitment at the gym
  2. Monthly dues are non-refundable. 
  3. Tax is included in the total price. 
  4. For freezes or problems with your account email 


For enrollment in 1st Responder/Student/Family rates email 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Impossible Is Nothing

the moment a goal becomes a record

To be awesome
You must do awesome things
To do awesome things
You must believe you’re capable of awesomeness

Do you really have a firm grasp on everything you can do or accomplish? What if the emotion of fear was removed from your brain entirely? What could you do? What would you do?
Specifically in terms of doing “awesome things” I’m speaking directly of accomplishing incredibly difficult physical tasks, things you once believed to be impossible. But the real heart of the matter is why did you ever allow yourself to believe they were impossible in the first place?

You, specifically your mind, can create that environment of awesomeness. Or unfortunately..your mind if left to its own devices will do the opposite. It will tell you stay on the couch, it will tell you are too tired, it will tell you the task is too difficult, it will tell you that you’re not capable. That it’s okay to stay where you’re at and be comfortable.
As always the wolf of fear and the wolf of courage are at battle within your mind. (PLEASE READ THIS: Ultimately the wolf that gets fed the most will win. But the beauty or the tragedy is you are the one who determines which wolf gets to eat. 
To illustrate this point even further, let’s take the amazing example of Oscar Pistorius, the first ever double amputee Olympic runner.  Due to the fact that he was born without the fibula in both legs, doctors and his parents had to make the decision to have his legs amputated below the knee. The doctors advised his parents to have his legs removed before he learned to walk so that it would be less traumatic for him and would greatly improve his chances of mobility in later life.
His mother would later write a letter to then baby Oscar..
 “A loser is not the one who runs last in the race, but the one who sits and watches and has never tried to run.”

It was clear from the minute Oscar’s mother had to make the decision to have both his legs removed she committed to teach Oscar to only learn to feed the courage wolf. She did so by leading through example. Oscar vividly remembers growing up with his brother and his mother treating them exactly the same…
“My mother used to tell us in the mornings, ‘Carl put on your shoes, Oscar you put on your prosthetic legs… So I grew up not really thinking I had a disability. I grew up thinking I had different shoes.”
He learned from his mother’s example that he was no different. That he had no excuses, he had nothing to fear, he was born to run regardless of the fact that he had no lower legs.
What if he had a different upbringing? A different example to follow?  If his mother had treated him differently than his brother, had coddled him, had instilled him it was okay to walk and not to worry about running? If slowly over the years the wolf of fear was fed would he had become Oscar the Olympian or simply Oscar the disabled one?
We are all Oscar. We all have the ability to choose awesomeness, to believe in ourselves first, to do awesome things in order to ultimately become awesome.
Every day, every hour you choose your path. Every step along the journey by your side is a companion and a guide…the wolf of fear and the wolf of courage. Who do you want to be your guide?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2nd Year Anniversary Workout

2 years of progress
It's hard to believe this Saturday we will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary. As you can tell from the photo, we've done a tremendous amount and have put in a ton of hard work and love into this brick warehouse. In two years it has never once seemed like "work" or gotten old. The tribe continues to grow stronger and larger. Month by month we are fortunate to add new members and more importantly keep our founding crew. From the bottom of our hearts..THANK YOU.

Of course we gotta celebrate! So here's the details for Saturday. At 9am we will have a pick your poison workout. Each of the coaches have developed their own workout to celebrate the 2 years. The workouts are up on the board at the gym. Just grab a marker and put a tick mark next to the workout you'd like:

Here are the detailed descriptions:
Option #1: 365

Partner workout, you go I go style. Each person must complete all 36 reps of the following:
Double kb push press
Weighted sit ups
Double unders
Power cleans
Pull ups
Weighted overhead lunges (18each leg)
5 gate sprints

 Option #2: Curtis P
Partner Up, you go/I go
24 x Curtis P
Legion Run
3 rounds

Option #3: Team Beatdown

Teams of 4, bar never touches the ground:

Bar loaded with 135 (25 + 2 10s on each side)

As a team:
80 squats (total team reps) @ 135 (i.e. one person holding each side of the bar)
Lantern run (with bar)

Shed a 10 off each side

70 thrusters (115#)
Legion run

Shed a 10 off each side

60 burpees (bar stays off ground)
Stoplight run 

Option #4: 8-28-10
 8 rounds of:
28 x Burpee-KB-Clean-Press (14 each arm)
10 x Deadlift (255/165)

Option #5: 2 year anniversary
Use same weight for entire workout

8 thrusters
28 deadlifts
12 hang cleans 
8 push press
28 pullups
12 front squats 

2 rounds for second anniversary 

Choose wisely!

Also, we'll be having a BBQ/Party later on that night at the Kings house. Fun starts at 5pm. We'll provide the meat and beer (for the 21+ crew). All you need to bring is a side dish and/or dessert. There is a sign up sheet at the gym. Please write down your name and what you're bringing. Can't wait to see you all on Saturday! 

Monday, August 20, 2012


This past Saturday we had the honor of hosting approximately 40 future Marine recruits from across the tri-state area. These young men and women have either expressed an interest in joining the Marine Corps or are on contract with ship dates to Parris Island.

Every quarter we open our doors to put these future recruits through a half day of teambuilding and physical training. Our intent is to introduce a lil stress and get these future Marines to think on their feet and work together with the ultimate goal of having them better prepared for Parris Island.

As usual we always have 10-15 of the members who pitch in and volunteer their time to help support the generation of warriors. We cannot thank you enough.
homemade obstacle course
Ice water penalty for not completing the rope bridge
what happens if you don't meet your time hack 
Thank you to the excellent staff and recruiters of RSS Huntington. We value our fantastic partnership.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This Week's Schedule/Activities

This week the staff is preparing to host future USMC recruits at the compound for a 1/2 day of training this Saturday. We have a good number of volunteers already but could always use more. So please email and/or message us to grab a slot to help out.

We will need you to run stations that we will be putting the "Poolees" through on Saturday. We will still be having the Pain Clinic at 0900 that morning. You will be beta-testing the stations that we will be putting the future Marines through.

The event will run from approximately 1000-1300. If you're going to volunteer I need you there at the 0900 Pain Clinic to help set up.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE THIS THURSDAY EVENING CLASSES WILL BE CANCELLED! Sorry for the inconvenience, but all the evening coaches will either be out of town or working that night. An email was sent out a few weeks ago, but this is a reminder. Thursday morning class will be go as scheduled.

Finally stay tuned for some very exciting developments with our ally INFIDEL USA! Rumor has it some shirts, shorts, and new website are in the works!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

PSKC Hosts the USMC - Saturday 18AUG12 - Volunteers Needed

It's that time again! We will host future USMC recruits for a 1/2 day of physical and team building training. We want to prepare these guys for the future rigor they will encounter at Recruit Training. One of the best parts is being able to reach out and support our nation's warriors. The highlight of the month was when SSG Kelley sent us the following message:

"Justin Nesser shipped to recruit training today. I just wanted to drop a line and say "thank you" for all the help in getting him physically ready. In the last few months, with your help, he has gone from 0 pullups to 9. He couldn't have done so without PSKC. 
Semper Fi "

That's what it's all about.

So as usual we need your help to run this event. We need as many volunteers as possible to help set up and run/motivate the recruits. Please email me or message us on Facebook to let us know you'd like to volunteer. Anyone that has helped in the past will tell you it's an incredibly rewarding experience.

Finally, this week's beginners program kicks off Thursday at 6:30pm. We still have a few slots remaining if you'd like to start your journey to the best shape you'll ever be.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scioto County Gym Challenge - 13OCT12

PSKC - Mountain West
In an effort to promote fitness, health, and wellness a bunch of the local gyms/fitness centers in Scioto County have joined together to host a local fitness competition. This effort is being championed by the Scioto County Health Commission. All the local gyms have put in a lot of work planning and coordinating this event. The main purpose of the event is to showcase fitness in a fun, healthy, and positive way.

Here's the details:

Event Date: Saturday, October 13, 2012 at 9:00 am

Location: Portsmouth Spartan Stadium

Registration: $50/ team (registration includes T-shirt)

Registration Deadline: 10/1/2012

• Each team will have 4 participants

• Teams will be either be all male or all female


• Event # 1: Kettlebell Swing/Burpee Ladder
• Event # 2: Max Deadlift

• Event # 3: Push/Pull/Carry Relay
• Event # 4: 3 cone agility drill with 40 yard dash


• T-Shirts provided for each registered participant

• Individual awards for each team member on top 3 place teams, for both male and female divisions

• Plaque for overall winner in male and female division

• Traveling trophy (Stanley Cup-like) for overall winner in male and female division


We will have the forms/flyers at the gym. You will sign up and pay at the gym.
What you need to do: get with your friends at the gym and get on a team! The more teams the better. This will be a great way for a lot of the beginners to enter their first competition and veterans can have a lot of fun throwing down as well. Nothing beats a bunch of team workouts.   More importantly it's for a great cause. Currently, we are the unhealthiest county in the state and one of the worst in the country. There are some folks out there trying to reverse that tide. The event will be open to the public and it's an opportunity to showcase all the great local gyms in the area.