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Monday, March 26, 2012

We're Waiting for Your Photo...

During my time away I had set out to write some long glorious piece about the success that several folks have had in the gym. The truth is no matter how well I could craft words they would never do justice to the people depicted in the photos above. The results they've achieved and the people they've become has been an amazing thing to watch over the course of several weeks/months. And not a single one is yet satisfied.

They all come from different walks of life...but they share one thing in common..HARD CONSISTENT WORK. These are real people with real smoke, no mirrors...just results. And you'll see we don't promise overnight results. #1 anything easy is bullshit...#2 we're not selling you an easy way out.

PSKC only offers hard work with hard people. You just have to be willing to believe you can become that person who can be consistent and step up to the challenge. If you do... in 3-5 months you'll be amazed at the person you can become and the things you can achieve.

We're waiting for your photo...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

PSKC + Paleo = Transformation

20FEB12 - 16MAR12
If you've been following the blog, by now you know several members from the gym just completed the 25 Day Paleo Challenge, myself included. This was the first time in my life I ever stuck to a strict no cheating way of eating for a lengthy period of time. I wasn't going to challenge the folks from my gym if I wasn't willing to pony up myself.

My whole life I've been a chubby kid at heart. I don't have greek god genetics where I can eat whatever I want,  not exercise and not gain weight. Early on in elementary school let's just say all my jeans said "husky" on them. It wasn't until I started playing football and hit a growth spurt that I started getting more vertical than horizontal.

From high school through college through the military I was always right around 200-205lbs. Always very active and loved working out. Upon exiting the military and moving back home to Portsmouth...I continued to work out and I worked out. But I always ate hard too...I started gaining weight and couldn't figure out why. Here's a photo of me from December 2009 on a cruise...and trust me I was sucking it in. I was around 225+ here...
December 09 ...was trying to suck it in and look way cool...
I had reached my limit and at the same time was asked to start teaching some kettlebell classes at a local gym. If I was going to teach others fitness then I wanted to get my diet together. So starting in 2010 I SLOWLY began to incorporate small changes into my diet. Because quite frankly I had pre-determined I was going to fail any diet plan...I already planted the seed for failure.

Fast forward to August 2010..we opened up PSKC and now the diet began to look more Paleoish....eating the right foods about 65% of the time as time went on I studied/read/learned more about the Paleo diet but still wasn't willing to commit to a true strict test/challenge. Over the course of this time period through opening up the gym and changing to a more healthy way of eating I had dropped 20-30lbs. I was back around my normal 200lbs...but I wanted more...I needed more. I needed to learn and more importantly challenge myself to stick to it. Enter my boy JB...

Paleo Seminar presented by JB and Chas of Practice Crossfit
So we invited Josh Bunch and Chastity to come down and educate myself and other interested folks on how to incorporate Paleo nutrition. After the 3 hour seminar we were armed with the necessary knowledge to begin the journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Feb-20-2012 - Day 1
as you can tell I'm not a morning person
In the spirit of full disclosure I was a very bloated 203. Like a typical junkie going into rehab. I went on a raucous 3 day binger. I believe the last thing I eat on Sunday night was a peanut butter buster from DQ!

Through the support and encouragement of fellow PSKCrs I was able to maintain a strict no cheat 25 day Paleo challenge of meats, veggies, nuts, seeds, and water. My staples during this period were hard boiled eggs, grilled meat (any type), fish, spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, onions, some sweet potatoes if I was gearing up for a Crossfit Open workout...and that' pretty much it. After every workout I'd down a protein recovery drink and supplement with fish oil and that' really it. Not sexy nor flashy..but effective. It works next post we will show you pics of Mikey D. He blew everyone out of the water. Mix some high intensity short duration workouts with Paleo eating all while surrounded with an incredible and supportive team that is PSKC and there is no limit to what you can do.  
day 25

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Saturday's St. Paddy's Day Details: Pain Clinic = 11am

One more day to go of the 25 Day Paleo Challenge. You guys have exceeded expectations. From performance gains to weight just feeling better and learning to eat's been an event to remember. To those who stayed strong and denied the sugar/junk food/grain/dairy cravings..we salute you. Interesting personal craving throughout this whole 25 days was....Diet Coke. Considering how bad my cravings were for can't be good no matter the term "diet". Just more proof that "the man" will find ways to keep you down.

To celebrate the end of the challenge and to coincide with Portsmouth's St. Paddy's Day festivities we're gonna do it up right on Saturday! We will be filming the open workouts from 9-11am on Saturday then we're gonna hit up the Pain Clinic class promptly at 11am. For those who truly wish to indulge in St. Paddy's's BYOB. No worries if you don't'll still get an ass kicker of a workout.

After the workout, we're gonna head over to LaRosas for some beer and pizza. After our bellies are full (and no doubt bloated and gassy)...the crew will travel down to Port City Pub to celebrate St. Paddy's Day in style. All are welcome to come have a great time with great people. Now, I know what you're do you do a Paleo challenge then follow it up with beer and pizza. First of all...if you just thought're not cool and I'm sure you're super awesome to hang out with.

In all's pretty obvious we promote a healthy lifestyle...but we're not food nazis. Stick to healthy eating 90% of the time and go balls out the other 10%...we train hard...and we have a good ass time as well. And I guarantee you come Saturday night/Sunday morning there will be some very bloated and gross feeling individuals which will only make you feel the need to go back to the Paleo reservation and eat the foods your body was designed to eat.

Finally, click HERE for a good read. It's a story that's very simliar to mine and I really appreciate this guy's philosophy. Warning multiple f-bombs are thrown about.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Eventbrite - 2012 PSKC GAUNTLET
Click HERE to register for the 2012 Gauntlet!! All event details are covered on the event website. We are only taking the first 60 people for the event. First come/first served.

We are still working the events/details. But you can count on a total of 4 events. As the event gets closer we will release more details as it gets closer. Here's what you can count on....FUN in an amazing and encouraging atmosphere. You will be tested physically and mentally. This is for all levels and a great chance to do your first competition.

If you don't want to compete we still need your help! We will need several volunteers and judges to pull this off. So just let us know if you're willing to volunteer your time!

So here's your first teaser....for event #1 be ready to DEADLIFT!!! For the other prepared for ANYTHING!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Special Saturday Pain Clinic & New Beginners' Program - Monday 7pm

Ninjy and Quadzilla attacking 12.3
We are starting a new beginners program on Monday at 7pm. Email us to reserve your slot!

Now is crunch time! We have less than one week remaining in the 25 day Paleo challenge. Pounds have been dropping right along with PRs. Stay strong! It's only 25 days, don't look back when it's over and regret the fact you didn't commit. Just think how awesome Saturday, St Paddy's Day will be!

Speaking of which...we will be holding a very special Saturday Pain Clinic on St Paddy's Day aka BURPEES AND BEER! This year will be great as we'll be celebrating a beer drinker's favorite holiday and more importantly celebrating the end of the 25 Day challenge with an epic "variety" day. Last year was a great time...this year of course will be more awesomer.
will this still be Ninjy's fuel on Saturday?
Here's the tentative weekend timeline, keeping in mind we have to incorporate the filming of the 12.4 workouts.

Friday - 
5pm-6pm Class
6pm-8pm - filming of the 12.4 workouts (2 at a time)

Saturday -
9am - 11am - filming of the 12.4 workouts
11am-12-m - PAIN CLINIC
12pm-1230ish - hang out and drink a few brews as a way to celebrate St. Paddy's Day and celebrate the end of the 25 Day challenge. BYOB for the 21+ crowd.
1230ish - 2pmish - Party moves to Portsmouth Fred's Pizza as some brave souls take on the 26inch challenge. This ought to be interesting considering some folks haven't had pizza and/or dairy in close to 4 weeks.
2pmish -on - We move down to Port City for St. Paddy's Day festivities!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Courage via SEALFIT

the courage to compete..

I'm a big fan/follower of Mark Divine a former USN SEAL and owner/CEO of SEALFIT. Not only does he and his team stress the obvious importance of physical strength and conditioning but they look at ways to enhance mental fitness and strength. Analyzing and evaluating certain aspects to increase performance in order to push the body/mind past previous barriers. It was through SEALFIT that I was first introduced to the Courage vs. Fear Dog concept.

This past week they published a 3 part series relating to courage. I encourage you guys to check out to learn more about their methods and go check out their workout section for some studly workout ideas. I've copied and pasted the series below for you guys to check out and read..


In our Unbeatable Mind Academy lesson this month we are discussing Fear. What causes fear and our uncomfortable physiological reaction to it? Many think that fear is a natural human reaction to an external stressor. See a tiger, experience fear. Click into reaction mode – fight (not good idea with tiger), flight (best option) or Freeze (game over dude). It may come as a surprise, though, that fear and stress arise not just from the actual event itself, rather it comes mainly from what we think of the event. So, we are back to our monkey minds wreaking havoc over our perceptions of reality.

It is estimated that 90% of stress arises from mental anticipation of a perceived hazard or unknown situation. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could learn to think with courage instead of fear? Feeding the courage wolf when you are going negative is a start. But let’s get some insight from someone who is wise in this area.

Jeff Wise, in his book Extreme Fear, has some good insight on fear and courage. He is a writer for Popular Science and his blog is a great read

Jeff states:

“Courage is not just for heroes. Fear is an emotion we all deal with, and how we handle it is everything. How we grapple with our anxieties determines what kind of life we’ll lead — whether shackled by anxiety and dread, or empowered to conquer new challenges. Yet we spend most of our time trying to avoid fear, so we muddle along, rarely getting much better at the art of mastering it. That’s a shame, because with a little effort we can find the courage to push beyond our comfort zone and tackle new worlds“.

His findings mirror many of our teachings at SEALFIT / Unbeatable Mind. Let’s review 8 of his principles, not in any order:

Principle 1 – Get Fit

Ok this is a no-brainer for us at SEALFIT. We would add that functional fitness is a much better foundation for courage than the common definition or example of treadmill fitness. Functional fitness provides a sense of courage to act and move whilst avoiding injury, especially in a crisis or high risk situation. The training effect carries over to assist with stress management against fear and anxiety.

Studies have shown that exercise can ease depression and anxiety. And it can protect you from feeling stressed out in the future. According to Wise, Princeton researchers found that rats who exercise grow neurons in their brains that are less responsive to the stress hormone cortisol. So lest you feel like rat on a treadmill, get into the gym and start doing CrossFit or SEALFIT 3 to 5 times a week. While there, turn your training into a “practice” for courage. Couple your fitness training with breath control, positive mental control, visualizing courage rather getting eaten by the tiger. You will be rewarded with less stress and a nice peace of mind.

Principle 2 – Lean on Your Friends

In Kokoro Camp, combat, or any intense situation you share with a complete stranger, you form a bond that is unusually strong. Why is that? I have teammates from the SEALs who I don’t see for years, but when we re-connect I feel the bond is still there. Jeff Wise states that Oxytocin, the hormone that binds people in a trust relationship (ie: mothers and children and husbands and wives), has been shown to lessen the sensation of pain and fear. Those who have been through Kokoro camp know this from experience. Through teamwork involving sharing the pain of sacrifice, the shared risk of a common experience, and truly looking after your teammate, you will forge a bond that will last forever.

To be continued in part 2…

Speaking of Kokoro Camp, I received a great email from Patrick Barry, who was featured in LA Sports and Fitness, about his Kokoro experience. When asked how he remained focused on such a daunting goal, he responded with his “7 R’s” – provided verbatim here:

Release: put out a personal Press Release to friends and family about what you intend to accomplish (I did this by announcing my SEALFIT attendance on Facebook to hundreds of people. This drove me to not give up, lest I let them down).

Revisit: a hardship you’ve overcome in the past (my Golden Gloves training camps).

Repeat: view over and over what you intend to accomplish to gain an absolute familiarity (I viewed the Discovery Channel documentary of Navy Seal Class 234 over and over and over. I watched all six hour-long episodes twice or three times each!).

Recruit: a team of supporters. I asked for and got dozens of friends to be my virtual crew and send me positive thoughts all throughout Kokoro weekend…asking them send me a vibe of “just finish” each time they ate or drank during the weekend. I knew this during my suffering, and it either worked or acted as a placebo. One way or another, it helped me.

Relate: everything is relative, so find something harder than you’re setting out to do, then read about it or watch it or think about it. I watched two scenes of The Passion of the Christ over and over the night before Kokoro , which illustrated much more suffering than I’d go through. I actually thought of these scenes on Palomar, thinking as bad as I felt that at least I was not carrying a heavy cross with a thorn of crowns nailed into my head and had not been whipped and beaten for hours beforehand.

Record: something in your head that you and say over and over and over that resonates inspires and motivates you. I recited Invictus during surf torture in just this way, and it benefitted my classmates too.

Reason: find a profound and substantive reason for doing what you’re doing. Darren Kavinoky told me that one thing that kept him alive during endeavors like Kokoro was experiencing his daughter’s joy when he returned home with stories, medals, certificates of his adventures. Had he quit Kokoro, he would not have been able to have such moments

Courage – Part 2

Courage is not the absence of fear. Rather, courage is effective fear management combined with an attitude of “bring it on.” Research supports the notion that self-awareness and consequent self-management lead to a reduction of fear and higher levels of success in any particular activity. Displaying courage means that a highly functioning individual is able to bring him or herself back to homeostatic balance quickly (as compared to a “non-courageous” individual) and take appropriate action. Courage, then, is the application of a set of skills habituated until they become part of one’s arsenal of competent actions performed at a conscious and unconscious level.

It is sensible that if you have emotional control, situational and self-awareness then you will be able think clearly and process your emotional states efficiently. As a result you will deal more effectively in a high challenge situation than someone who does not possess these skills. This is the difference between good leaders and poor leaders, or those who survive and those who die in a survival situation.

Jeff Wise, in his book Extreme Fear, has some good insight on fear and courage. He is a writer for Popular Science and his blog is a great read

His findings mirror many of our teachings at SEALFIT / Unbeatable Mind. In Part 1 of this article we looked at his first principle, the importance of fitness to mental toughness. Additionally we discussed his second principle – that of surrounding yourself with a good team to lean on, in the context of the Kokoro camp experience. Now let’s review his next few principles:

Principle 3 – Expose Yourself to More

Jeff is preaching to the choir on this one also. Pushing the envelope of experience. Train harder than you expected. Fall down 7 times, and get up 8. Benchmark your life experiences by going farther, faster, harder…it builds confidence and provides a ladder of success for the next level. This is how the 20X factor is revealed through hard physical and mental training…one evolution at a time.

Jeff reminds us to “be sure to reward yourself when you’re successful. The goal is to train the emotional centers of your brain to anticipate a positive outcome when pushing boundaries.” Thank you Jeff – I need to remember that one more often!

Principle 4 – Think Positive

More than just thinking positive thoughts, and positive self-talk, we must maintain a positive state of energy and “show up” in the world with this energy. Jeff cites a research report from a guy named Mark Taylor. Olympic athletes were surveyed by Taylor about whether they practiced positive mental skills such as silently voicing affirming thoughts. Taylor found that those who did were significantly more likely to survive the intense pressure of elite competition and reach the medal stand. This principle cannot be stressed enough. As stated, I believe the impact of positive thinking goes well being the mental and into the spiritual realm. Have you ever seen a negative martial arts master? Or a negative Navy SEAL for that matter? No. In fact it can’t happen because negativity would attract failure and dis-ease, torpedoing any attempts at self-mastery and developing courage.

Principle 5 – Change the Frame

This is a good one. Mr. Wise asks us to re-frame by consider the larger context and the good things that might come along with the bad. When a crisis seems overwhelming “write out best case and worst case scenarios, and how likely they are to come about,” recommends Rick Harvey, Assistant Professor of Health Education and Holistic Health at San Francisco State University. “When you can say to yourself, ‘You know what, the worse-case scenario isn’t very likely,’ then you can stop worrying.”

At SEALFIT we propose the use of mental models to help us clarify and re-frame a situation. The Integral AQAL model is an excellent example. Learning integral “perspective taking” brings awareness to what is going on from a teammate’s point of view. This will help you change your frame, and in the process make decisions that are in your interests as well as those of the team.


General Douglas MacArthur said “If bravery is a quality which knows no fear, then I have never seen a brave man.”

Truer words are hard to find. We’d like to equate courage with fearlessness. Certainly those big tough Navy SEALs don’t experience fear in combat or on a night jump do they? Yes, they do.

But what separates the courageous from the cowering is a deep understanding of human nature, coupled with disciplined practice of skills that mitigates the fear response. When the fear response is mitigated, focus and composure can be maintained in the face of extreme stress. In essence, we can turn stress into success!

In our Unbeatable Mind and SEALFIT programs we seek to do just that. Through a disciplined practice of breath control, visualization, short term goal setting, positive self-talk, and training like we “fight”, the students cultivate what appears as courage to the observer. Inside it is simply fear management and performance under extreme stress.

In the first two parts of this BLOG series we took a look at author Jeff Wise and his book Extreme Fear. Jeff is a writer for Popular Science and his blog is Let’s finish our discussion of courage now…

Principle 6 – Think Small

One of our powerful mental toughness tools is to collapse our goals to the near term. I call these micro-goals. Focusing on getting to the next meal at BUD/s is a micro-goal. It works, trust me.

Jeff says to “think small” and take bite size chunks in crisis. This is great advice!

“If you’re bogged down in a massive project at work, then, don’t let yourself despair at the hugeness of the task. Break it down into pieces small enough that you can do each one in an hour or less, and focus all your attention exclusively on that”, says Mr. Wise.

When we set our sights on micro-goals, we achieve micro wins, which quickly stack up and develop a sense of momentum and “can-do” instead of “can’t – won’t.” Micro goals support the cultivation of courage. Macro goals can lead to fear and failure.

Principle 7 – Get Mad

Transmuting the emotion of fear into anger can be a powerful tool in a crisis situation. Anger can be very motivating and really get your psychic energy amped up. Then you direct it at the problem and voila – looks a lot like courage.

This principle certainly works but I caution you to use this sparingly. I think we can easily go too far with this one. Be careful to not let it get out of control and negatively influence your decision making.

However, I am certainly not recommending a passive response. A non-violent response to a serious injustice, such as a Buddhist monk may have, could lead to serious issues, even death. That is not the warrior’s path. I would prefer that we explore developing strong but positive emotional states that are even more powerful than anger.

In a pinch, anger is a powerful emotion that can trample fear.

Principle 8 – Enjoy the Ride

This is one of my favorite. Jeff hit the nail on the head here. I believe that regardless of the situation we are in, we can find beauty in the sublime nature of it. By letting go, collapsing our focus to the present and releasing the need to control the outcome, we can transcend into a flow state and enjoy the ride.

Jeff states that “fear isn’t all bad. Intense fear causes our brain to release chemicals that mimic the effects of marijuana and amphetamines. Time seems to slow down and pain vanishes; we can run faster and lift heavier weights. There really have been cases of panicked people lifting cars with their bare hand.”

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012 PSKC Gauntlet = Saturday June 2nd

Save the date and mark it down on your calendars now! The PSKC Gauntlet is going down Saturday, June 2nd! Last year was the first year we put it on and was awesome..check out the below video to see what went down:

This year of course we are going to make it bigger, badder, and better. Derick Carver will be coming into town for his first trip to PSKC to observe and participate in the event. I know several of you have been wanting a chance to meet him and now you'll get to hang out with him the whole weekend!

The Gauntlet is an awesome chance for you to test your mental and physical fitness. Each event will be scalable to fit each individual. We welcome and encourage ALL levels. If you've done a competition before, this is your chance to throw your hat in the arena in a warm/friendly/encouraging atmosphere.

We are still working the details at this time regarding each event. All we can say at this moment is prepared for ANYTHING. There will still be an open men's and women's division along with a 40+ men's and women's division as well.

Be prepared to be awesome. Also, we are in the process of trying to gather sponsors for the event. If you would like to become a sponsor or know of any organization/company contact Dale at:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Adding in 5/3/1

Our weekly workouts are designed to give you a great blend of overall strength and conditioning. A few months ago PSKC’s strength/powerlifting guru (appropriately named Meathead) and I talked about experimenting with Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 Training. Meathead uses it as his sole source of strength training. Myself and other PSKCrs have been implementing this program as a means to get stronger in additional to the class workouts.

To keep the post short, I’ll forgo my usual longwinded explanations…bottom line it’s amazingly simple and works. Strength is king and will tremendous carryover to all your workouts. It started with just a few of us and has quickly spread to several folks at the gym getting their lifts in. I’ll explain how we use it, but you should really read the ebook (click HERE).

If you want to get strong, there’s no need for complicated crazy programs, especially for beginners starting out to strength training. You will choose up to four compound lifts (squat, military press, deadlift, and bench). Me personally, I only do squat, press, and deadlift in my programming. But if you wanna do bench, go for it. At a minimum I recommend squat and deadlift days. I just leave it out for time considerations.

WARNING: This does require the use of math and/or calculators. However, technology has solved a lot of this with several Wendler 5/3/1 apps or awesome websites that do all the math for you like HERE.

DETAILS: First thing you need to do is determine your 1 rep max (1RM) in the lifts you’re going to train. Me no likey the math, so I always use the 5/3/1 app. But you need to understand the philosophy. So I’ll keep it simple in the example. If your squat 1RM is 300, your working max is 90% of that = 270. Your numbers will be based off of 270 (working max) not 300 (your true 1RM).

This program is broken down into 4-week cycles. After you complete one cycle you add 10lbs to your lower body lifts and 5lbs to your upper lifts and repeat for another cycle. You just keep repeating the cycles each month and adding small incremental poundages and you keep getting stronger. I’m on my 4th cycle and haven’t stalled out on my lifts yet (more on that later).

Step 1: 1RM (e.g. 300) x 90% = W1RM (270)

Now that we ninjy chopped that first mathematical obstacle, here’s how the 4-week cycle breaks out using my 300 1RM example.

Week 1:

5 reps of 65% W1RM (175)

5 reps of 75% W1RM (200)

*5+ reps of 85% W1RM (230)

Assistance lifts

Week 2:

3 reps of 70% W1RM (190)

3 reps of 80% W1RM (215)

*3+ reps of 90% W1RM (245)

Assistance lifts

Week 3:

5 reps of 75% W1RM (200)

3 reps of 85% W1RM (230)

*1+ reps of 95% W1RM (255)

Assistance lifts

Week 4 (Deload):

5 reps of 40% W1RM (110)

5 reps of 50% W1RM (135)

5 reps of 60% W1RM (160)

*Your last sets will be essentially as many reps as you can perform with good/solid technique. For example on week 3, you’d rep out 255 as many reps as possible. Each week (minus deload) that last set should be a significant emotional event. Setting and breaking personal rep records, this is how you’ll know you’re getting stronger.

Deload weeks are important. They allow you reset/recover and get ready for the next cycle. You just do your sets and get out. The next cycle you add 10lbs to your max, so now your numbers are based off of 310. Rinse and repeat and get stronger.

SCHEDULE: Here’s my personal implementation plan. Sundays are my squat day. Tuesdays are my press day and Thursdays are my deadlift day. You want as much rest in between your lifting days as possible. E.g. you don’t want to do squat day on Monday followed by deadlift day on Tuesday.

It’s important to note that I implement the 5/3/1 strength program in addition to the regular class workouts throughout the week. But since I want to get stronger I prioritize my 5/3/1 days. For example, on Sundays and Thursdays I do is my 5/3/1 main lifts with assistance lifts (more on that later). So if you’re wanting to get stronger. Don’t do the regular class on Thursday, come to the open gym and get your lifts in.

DO’S AND DON’TS: Here are some things to keep in my mind when adding this strength program to your weekly PSKC workouts.

• Do not do a class workout then immediately go do your (squat/deadlift/press) day. You’re shooting yourself in the foot. If you want to get stronger you need to be fresh for your lifts. If you just did a monster conditioning workout then 10 minutes later you want to squat/deadlift you won’t progress. However, if you want you could do the class workout in the AM, come back in the PM for your 5/3/1 or vice versa.

• However, you can get your lifts in then hit up a nice quick and dirty conditioning finisher immediately afterwards. For example, on my squat or deadlift day if I haven’t been able to get enough conditioning work in that week, I will hit my 5/3/1 and assistance lifts then do some kind of prowler/double under/battling ropes/burpee finisher. (NOTE: this is why we have open gyms on Monday & Thursday)

• Do not chase crappy reps. This is not a quick/short duration program. This is something you can do for a long time (several months/years). Listen to your body/mind if you ain’t feeling it that day. Just go in and get your reps and leave. (For example, since the Crossfit open has popped up, I’m not too concerned right now about breaking my rep records, I just want to ensure I get my quality lifts in).

• Do log everything! Use WODSTACK, your phone, pen/paper. Keep track of reps on the last set. This is how you’ll get a goal to shoot for the following week/cycle.

• Do plan your week out. Keep in mind this program is in ADDITION to the regular weekly workouts. Pick and choose accordingly to your own personal goals.

• Don’t inflate your working maxes. Starting out you may think the weight is light and want to increase your weights. Stay the course and allow for incremental jumps each cycle. 5-6 cycles later you’ll be impressed at the loads you’re lifting.

• Do your own math/work. During the additional lifting periods, we are there to LIFT. Not explain the program every time/explain %s/show you how to use a calculator. Know weights/goals ahead of time and go hit it.

ASSISTANCE LIFTS: We’ve toyed around with different assistance lifts/exercises paired with our main lifts. Below you’ll find what we do and recommend. Based on what Wendler recommends and some experimentation we believe these combinations will have the greatest carryover to Crossfit workouts and improving Olympic lifts.

On Squat days we pair the squat with Dimel Deadlifts (click HERE for great explanation). So after we hit our main lift (squat) we go into our assistance lift (Dimel deadlift) at the following reps/%

Wk1 = Dimel deadlifts 10 @ 50%1WRM, 10 @ 60%1WRM, 10 @ 70%1WRM

Wk2 = Dimel deadlifts 8 @ 60%1WRM, 8 @ 70%1WRM, 8 @ 80%1WRM

Wk3 = Dimel deadlifts 5 @ 65%1WRM, 5 @ 75%1WRM, 5 @ 85%1WRM

On deadlift days we do the same thing, but our assistance lift is the Front Squat (same reps/%s). On military press my assistance work is strict pull-ups.




There it is. Try it out and enjoy the journey to getting stronger. Form/technique is paramount.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mo's Muscle Up & Recipe of the Week

Way to go Coach Cyborg! Those of you who know Mo for awhile know she's been trying to slay the MUP monster for several months now. Several weeks of trying and getting frustrated..but she kept at it. Congrats Mo!

You guys have been training your ass off this week. The gym is full of energy as people are preparing for the Crossfit Open and attacking the daily workouts. It's really a great thing to witness the support the entire gym is giving to one another. Combine that with the ongoing Paleo challenge and performance is shooting through the roof.

Just because you missed your chance to participate in the open this year, don't feel left out. We know it's a little crazy with all the talk of the Open workouts/strategy/etc..but anybody that wants to do the Open can rock them out with us! It will be great training/experience for next year. Also, feel free to come down when we're hosting the open workouts and cheer your ass off for your fellow PSKC teammates. It means a tremendous amount.

This Saturday around 10 of us are traveling up to Columbus to compete in 12.2 at the Arnold. This will be a great time in a very unique atmosphere. The majority of us are in the early heats (10am-12pm). So if you're at the Arnold come on down and find us at the Crossfit event.

Onto the grub presented by Quadzilla...Steak salad with avocado dressing

6 oz top round steak
Handful fresh spinach
1 hard boiled egg sliced
2 strips bacon cooked crumbled
1/2 cup mushrooms

Cook steak on hot skillet in coconut oil 3-4 minutes each side. Remove and set aside.
On a plate arrange spinach, mushrooms, crumble bacon and sliced hard boiled egg.
Slice steak in thin strips and add to salad. Serve with avocado dressing.

Avocado Dressing
1 avocado
1/3 cup olive oil
Fresh parsley
Salt and pepper to taste
Pinch of garlic powder
*if not eating right away add lemon juice so avocado stays green*

For dressing add all ingredients to food processor and blend until creamy.

In closing, I will end with an extremely sad note. When you see the below photo, try not to cry. When I saw it I was immeditately brought to my knees....I have seen many a tragic and deplorable scene in my day...this my dear friends is near top of the list....
C'mon Man....we gotta do better

The below photo will show you how it should look like...on top goes the 2.5s, then the 5s...then the 10s..25s go on the right..the Gods of weightlifting will not permit PRs unless their babies go in the right cribs.
much better now...

Have a kickass weekend. We will have regular classes on Friday and we will be rocking the 9am Saturday morning Pain Clinic!