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Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Chicks Are Ripped at PSKC"

Women of PSKC...strong, confident, and capable

I just wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the "chicks" of PSKC. I would probably say the membership is 65% chicks/35% dudes. My ultimate goal is 50/50 and will get there one day, typically guys are reluctant to give up the curls and bench it's an ego thing (I know this from experience) you don't want to step foot into a gym and get outworked by girls. And trust me..these chicks will eat your lunch at PSKC...and I couldn't be happier.
Just the other day I read an article entitled: Intimidated by CrossFit Women? That’s a Good Thing

This was my favorite take away:

"Some women fear big shoulders. Some fear that leg muscles developed from heavy squats will cause us to go UP a size (now I’ll never fit into those Forever 21 leggings!). Some fear being hungrier, which means eating more and gaining weight. In short, we fear more because, as women, we think we should be less. Less big and less strong. Yet again, these ideas are in direct contrast with what we know about health. We KNOW that weight training improves bone density, weight management (you burn more calories at rest!), and cardiac health. Those three things alone (that could prevent osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart disease) should get you so jazzed about weights that you immediately pick up something heavy just for the hell of it. Seriously, pick up something heavy NOW. We also KNOW that women do not turn into Hulkish beasts because of heavy weights.

So, for the women in our gym and at other real training centers, dig deep inside and know that you are capable of more. Don’t fear going up in weight, don’t fear the pain, don’t fear the skills you don’t know. And for the love of all things healthy, don’t fear your potential."

My favorite thing to watch at PSKC is see people do things they once thought were impossible. Often times this involves when a chick gets a heavy deadlift or clean and press. I can almost see it in the eyes the look of strength and accomplishment....PRIDE. All their life they told to be skinny and that certain things they will just never have the ability to do....all bullshit and lies. Strength is not gender specific. 

When the day comes that Tia and I have kids...and if I do have a girl. I won't have a clue how to do the hair and makeup..but my number one goal in life will be to make sure my baby girl grows up to a strong, confident, and capable woman. 

Do you really think women should look like this?
Is this a strong back?
This is what strength, confidence, and capability looks like...
This is a strong back..
moving heavy weight
Burn the images of what you're "supposed" to look like..being skinny equals being weak and dependent. Being strong is the ultimate form of empowerment and independence....that's what the chicks at PSKC are all about. And most importantly they are setting an example for future generations...well done ladies. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hike for Hospice - PSKC Style - May 14th


Time to add another kick ass event to the Spring schedule. This time we're gonna participate in the 5K "fun walk" for the Hike for Hospice. On Saturday, May 14th SOMC is putting on the annual Hike for Hospice, click here for the event details:
This is very special to me as it is a great cause in remembrance of two very special people who passed away from cancer, Tom Grashel and Courtney Clifford. I had the special privilege to know both of them very well. Tom Grashel coached me in high school and Courtney and I went to school together. Both of them demonstrated so many admirable loving, caring, and above all STRENGTH. I can absolutely say without a doubt if they were alive today they would be firmly kicking life square in the ass. So why not do the same to honor them? 

Plus Teresa Ruby is the Director of Hospice, and she is a proud PSKC kettlebeller.
So what exactly does a "fun walk" mean to PSKC?  Team Farmers Carry baby for the whole 5K course! this will be awesome practice for the Gauntlet the following Saturday, May 21st. (make sure you register and pay this week at the gym)
Here's how it get 3-4 people on a squad (preferably 4); each squad has a 2 kettlebells. The first person starts off doing the farmers carry, goes until he/she is tired then the second person picks them up, then the 3rd/4th just keep cycling through the whole team for the entire 5k course. Pretty badass right?

Much props to my boy Uncle Mike from the Training Room for the's his gym doing this event over the summer...
The standard weights are 2X53lb for male teams, and 2X35lb for female teams. However, you guys can pick whatever weight you want to. Or you don't even have to do the farmers carry, you can just show up and root us on.

This is going to be an epic...and most importantly it's for a good cause in remembrance of great people! Make sure you let me know who the teams are so I can provide enough kettlebells! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Week To Register for the Gauntlet

a look inside Monday's madness

A couple things on the "to do" list for this week:
  1. Stop by the gym and register/pay for the Gauntlet this week, cost is $30. If you miss the deadline, you can still compete but you won't receive the free t-shirt. I've got to get everyone's sizes by this week so I can order the shirts in time for the event on Saturday, May 21st. Also, make sure you let your friends know too. It's gonna be a helluva good time

2. Ladies Tank Tops - I'm also sending in the order for the PSKC Ladies "Stop Staring At My Traps" tank tops by the end of the week. The cost is $30 due to the type of tank top you all wanted. Click here to view the material for the tank top. You don't have pay until the tanks come in.   
front of the tank
back of the tank

Also, the intro will be at the regularly scheduled time...Wednesday at 5pm, make sure you pass the info along to your friends. 

Tonight we focused on working the clean..either with two kettlebells or the standard barbell. After spending time on that skill portion, we took a workout from the Crossfit Games that was a monster...
20 min AMRAP of:
5 cleans
10 toes 2 bar
15 wall ball...BRUTAL

Ash on the cleans
and you wonder how she got her nickname..DIESEL
a grip killer..toes 2 bar
end result...
we like our toast...BURNT
See you guys tomorrow! Weather permitting we'll be making some sweet sweet love out on the Lane of Pain!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

the toughest egg ever..
Happy Easter guys! Hope you are enjoying time with family and reflecting on what's important. Whether you're a Christian or not, you gotta respect what Jesus went through...he was the original rebel bad ass.

We've got an awesome week of training lined up...starting tomorrow. We'll see you maniacs at the 6 or 7pm. If you can try the 7pm class out...try to split up the crowd a little bit.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Are You Surviving...or Thriving?

Want to send a big thanks to everyone who stopped by the open house today! A big thanks to SSG Rogers, our local Marine Recruiter who brought in some future warriors to PSKC. Look forward to working with you guys in the future.

Here's a question for you guys to ponder this healthy are you?

One of the key points I took away from the Crossfit Level I Certification last weekend is what Crossfit defines as the "continuum of health". It's a very simple concept that had a very profound effect on me.

It goes like this...if you have a spectrum...on the far left end is "sickness", the middle part is defined as "wellness", and the very far right end is "fitness". What these 3 areas are looking at his a person's total picture of health.

So how do you know how "healthy" you are. Well that's where measurements can take place.(e.g. bodyfat percentage, blood work, how much you deadlift, how many snatches you can get in 5 minutes, etc)...all these are measurements that indicate how sick, well, or fit you are...

So let's put some hypothetical numbers to this..

A "sick" dude probably is over 40% bodyweight, has a resting heart rate of 110bpm, and could do 20-30 snatches with a 35lb kettlebell in 5 minutes...i.e. this dude ain't looking/feeling/performing too well.

A dude in the "wellness" range is probably around 20% bodyfat, resting heart rate of 70-75bpm, and could do around 50 snatches with a 44lb kettlebell in 5 minutes..i.e. this guy is what society consider as "normal". Not too bad and but not too good..
not "sick", but not exactly optimal either
A "fit" dude is around 10% bodyfat, resting heart rate 45-50bpm, and could kill 120 snatches with a 53lb bell in 10 minutes....i.e. this guy is one strong capable dude...
one fit dude where am I going with this? Which one of these "dudes" is more likely to spend a significant amount of time and money in the healthcare system? Who is going to lead a full life that is not handicapped by shit they can't do because they are too weak or out of deconditioned?

Odds are the sick guy is probably already on some sort of meds to control blood pressure, and diabesity has a firm hold on him. The bottomline is this dude (if he doesn't die) is going to have a piss poor quality of life for the rest of his days.

So let's take the "average" American..he is in "okay" shape. But the problem is "okay/average" in today's society is perfectly acceptable. This dude isn't sick, but he damn sure isn't thriving either..simply stuck in the middle...surviving. And society tells him it's fine to be be firmly seating in his recliner of comfort..he's somewhat active, but not enough to be considered "fit".

Now..let's take the guy who is thriving. This is the guy we should aspire to be...why? This guy is kicking life in the ass. He is strong, his heart/lungs are in great condition, and guess what he's probably doing as well? He's eating clean all natural foods...lean meats, veggies, fruits...he's not poisoning himself with sugary processed foods. He will never be in the hospital....his life is going to be a long, well lived, full, adventurous life if he continues down this path.

Before the "fit" dude becomes the "sick" dude he has a long way to go...but the "well" guy doesn't have that far to travel before becoming "sick". Makes sense? The more bad you make your ass (therefore becoming a bad ass) you are arming yourself against sickness and future hospital visits.

Now, let's take this a step further.....AGE.

Really quick, I want to think of people in the 40-60 age range. How many of those people would you consider "fit"? I'm willing to go out on a limb here and say it's less than a think of people in the 60-80 range, can you think of anyone?

Now, because you're getting older does that necessarily mean you are sentenced to a poor quality of life and sickness/hospital visits? Obviously there are certain physiological things that take place with age, but how much of getting old can be attributed to flat out not doing anything? Not to mention having a lifetime accumulation of eating shitty foods?

This quote sums up exactly what I'm talking about...

“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

The foundation for lifelong health is intense exercise that focuses on functional movement (squatting, running, pressing, jumping, throwing, climbing). There is no difference in what a 10 year old needs and a 40-50-80 year old needs...
remember being this like this lil dude? All he wants to do is grow up to be strong..
Grandpa Troy just cleaned and pressed a 106lb kb, this is what happens when you continue to kick ass...age be damned
So my main point is you control your own destiny. No matter where you are in the health continuum, you can start right now and make strides to move into the "fit" category, therefore moving further away from being sick. It's always your choice...

If not you'll end up being that old weak man/woman who needs help carrying the groceries to the car, always in pain, getting hurt...always dependent upon others. Or you can remember back when you were that lil kid who just wanted to grow up and be big and strong...tap into that inner bad ass who wants more out of life.

All you need to do is step inside PSKC and we'll do the rest for you!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

See You on Saturday for the Open House!

Darren getting some!

It's been an awesome week of training....people are getting their pullups, deadlifting like Chuck Norris, and bringing the heat!

On Wednesday we went heavy with deadlift...we always give a block of instruction on the proper form and safety. People tend to get scared of pulling heavy long as you lock the back into a rigid spine and brace your abs...deadlifting will make you one strong and capable human. I love watching people go for heavy weight when they've never do such a thing before...we had 3 chicks pull 225 on Wednesday and it was epic.

Don't forget about Saturday's activities. Let your friends know the intro starts at 9:30am -11am. Pain Clinic right afterwards..and we'll have the doors open from 930-noonish for anyone that wants to stop by and see what the gym is all about...see you guys then!

A couple of things to remember...I plan on putting the "Stop Staring at My Traps" tank top order in by the end of next week. Due to the material of the tank top that you guys wanted, the cost will be $30 a tank top. So make sure you put your name down for a shirt.

Also, the deadline for registering for the Gauntlet is May 2nd. You have to register and pay in order to get the t-shirt!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No intro tonight...make sure you come down on Saturday!

Short post today, just wanted to make sure the new folks know that the intro for tonight (Wednesday) has been cancelled and rescheduled for the awesome Saturday Open House. All details for Saturday can be found here:

Last night's work...

Have you wondered if you're poisoning yourself? How bad could sugar really be?? Check this article out and you might just save your life..

Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday April 23rd PSKC Intro and Open House

What a great weekend! First off..the Daily Times did a great article on PSKC and it made FRONT PAGE! Top half of the front page at that! Here is the link to the online version..

A huge thanks to the Z-Beast for this. Z knows peoples who knows people...
Also over the weekend, myself, Mo, and Shep had the great experience to attend the Crossfit Level I Trainer Course. What impressed me the most about the weekend was the level of quality of the instructors from the seminar staff. These guys were very impressive with not only the knowledge they possessed but their ability to convey it as well. We all learned a ton and can't wait to bring the knowledge back to you all!

One of the first things we did bring back was a Crossfit Benchmark workout; "Fran" 21-15-9 of thrusters and pullups. But we changed the loading somewhat and did the thrusters with double kettlebells (2X26lb for chicks and 2X44lb for dudes) was still just as brutal. I love the fact that after doing this workout I cough like an 80 year old chain smoker for 2 days afterwards.

Finally, the intro for this week will be on Saturday (April 23). Which means we are cancelling the regularly scheduled intro on Wednesday. On Saturday we are having a special hour and a half intro session and "open house" (minus the cookies and punch). After the article was published, hopefully we'll have some new interest from new folks. So here's the deal for Saturday.

Kettlebell Intro: 9:30a-11am , we are adding a half hour to the intro class because we really want to take our time to safely and correctly the fundamental kettlebell exercises to the new folks.

11am-noon : Pain Clinic!

Open House: 9:30am-noonish, this is for those who are unsure if they want to attend the intro or just simply stop by and see what this "old-school exercise" is all about. Anyone can come in during this time and watch the intro class or see what the Pain Clinic is all about. Feel free to talk to any of the coaches or members during this time and get their opinions. Of course we all hang out for a little bit afterwards and answer any questions you guys have.

Please feel free to email me at: if you guys have any questions....can't wait to meet the new folks on Saturday! Trust me, it will change your life...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Out of 100 men in battle.."

modern day Thelma and Louise..
So the special 4:30 Pain Clinic blew the lid off the place. Hopefully the Daily Times captured what we are all about. I can't really remember what the hell I said...all I remember is that I didn't cuss (just for you mom). Anyways, I'm anxious to see what it will look like..but I'll use this space to describe what PSKC is..

First off, PSKC is not about me...I didn't create this style of training...all I did was take the workouts I was subjected to the military when I was fortunate enough to be assigned to a unit full of the best and brightest America has to offer...I took what I learned there and combined that by learning and following some incredibly smart and talented people who will know more about fitness than I ever will...and through the grace of God and by surrounding myself with some very smart people I opened the doors to PSKC, where all we offer people is cast iron kettlebells, burpees, sleds...and pure grueling hard work.

The main point of this to make you strong in every aspect of your life. In our community, strength is a scarce resource. The root cause for becoming the "Hillbilly Heroin" capital of the world is weakness...plain and simple. We allowed ourself to become weak. The far majority of us sat by idly and let this shit happen....but you may be thinking...this ain't my problem, I'm not a's exactly that kind of weak attitude that plagues this area...strong people take a stand.

Well what the hell does difference does a gym make? I don't blame for you asking that question, because you're probably used to the conventional gym setting...where quite frankly not much goes on. But PSKC is attracts ass kickers...ass kickers will face any obstacle and be the ones standing at the end....ass kickers want to make a difference....and it turns out ass kickers are some of the best people this area has to offer. These ass kickers, are teachers, little league coaches, Doctors, nurses, Correction Officers, veterans, business owners, moms, grandfathers, students. And it's these ass kickers this community needs...these are the people whose strength will see us out of the hole....

PSKC produces STRONG...CAPABLE...CONFIDENT people...

This new found self confidence and capability carries over to their personal life...where now they are armed and equipped to tackle the challenges to make our community better. what are they doing to make the community better? There is no solid text book answer, but the bottom line is that they are trying to do something. At a bare minimum they all are setting example by wanting to become better through hard work...they are becoming an example of strength for their sons/daughters, husbands/wives, friends and family....they are choosing the hard path over the comfortable existence. This leading by example is exactly what we need....we need people who do...not just talk.

The days of saying "it's not my problem" are're either on one side of the problem or the either want to see this place get better, or you don't give a shit..which does nothing. For those of you don't give a shit....that's fine...your life must be a weak and meager existence and you ultimately serve no purpose other than self gratification. I feel sorry for you....for when the day comes that you will face a true will fail, you are "nothing but a target".

Read this quote.....Of the battle that we are faced with which category do you fall into?

"Of every one hundred men in battle, ten should not even be there. Eighty, are nothing but targets. Nine are the real fighters, we are lucky to have them since they make the battle. Ah, but the one -- one is the Warrior-- and he brings the others home." -- Commonly attributed to Heracletus, 500 BC

To win the battle, it's warriors we need....and it's warriors that PSKC produces....for the hottest fires makes the strongest steel.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Special Thursday Pain Clinic at 4:30pm

Platzers...the family that pushes sleds together...stays together
Because the members at PSKC are second to none...apparently the local paper has got wind of the madness that goes down inside a brick warehouse. So the Portsmouth Daily Times is scheduled to show up to PSKC this Thursday at 4:30pm...and we're gonna show him what the hell we're about....Pain Clinic style!

I would love for as many of you to show up if you can for a special 4:30pm Pain Clinic workout on Thursday. As a bonus, rock your PSKC t-shirt! We will still have the regular 6pm class, but we will not be having the 7pm class on Thursday.

In the aftermath of the "Hillbilly Heroin" episode; which showcased Portsmouth as a weak junky infested town, it's more important than ever to show the community that there are those who refuse to stand for such weakness....that there is a different breed out there. So come on down this Thursday at 4:30pm...I want the entire community to know how strong and capable you all are!

On Monday...the weather was hot...and the finisher turned into a nasty sweatfeast...
Monday's workout..
close to 30 people combined showed up on Monday to get a piece..
And a big congratulations to Primetime and Coach Mo! They both joined the ranks of the Muscle Hamster and did a Man-Maker with 2 X 53lb kettlebells (manmaker = pushup, renegade row, double clean and push press)
Suck it Muscle Hamster!

And tonight we tried to balance the body out by focusing on single arm/leg movements. See below..

Then we finished up with some butcher and bear crawl relays...the butcher never ceases to amaze with just how awful it truly is!

Also, we are growing! Want to send a big thanks to the record breaking intro class tonight! You guys did awesome...see you again tomorrow at 6pm! Don't forget about the Thursday 4:30 Pain go eat some good food and get some good rest...

Sunday, April 10, 2011


The video says it all...we use PSKC as an academy for producing strong and capable people. We don't care who you are, where you come from, you are only judged by the effort you put forth. The only way to fight this weakness that is destroying our community is equip ourselves with STRENGTH, strength of body and mind.The strength to make a difference to take a stand and do something to prevent our community from being destroyed.

The story has been replayed multiple times in the gym...person X for whatever reason got comfortable and started to settle for the "norm". Work, stress, kids, drama....all took priority...and what happened in the process is that person X got weak, overweight, and soft. They lost confidence...they lost capability....they lost STRENGTH. They tried working out a local gym, they tried a fad diet...nothing worked before too long they were back to the same old routine, the same old self. Then someone came along and told them about this "crazy place" inside a warehouse next to OSCO, where the only machines are the members. Person X checked out the videos, thought "there's no way I can do that stuff". Then after a while of being encouraged by their friend(s) they came down for an intro and started plugging away....crazy terms like Snatches, Turkish Get Ups, Goblet Squats, Yokes, AMRAPs, Lane of Pain...all became second nature.

After a few months, pounds started dropping, strength was developed, new clothes had to be bought, and more importantly a new sense of self confidence was gained. Strong bodies make strong minds...and this new found sense of self confidence carried over to other areas of Person X's life...a life was changed...and new friends were made in the process.
8 months ago these people were strangers to one they run 5Ks together
PSKC will make you a strong, fit, capable, and humble person. It is this strength we gain from the gym that will allow us to go out and make a difference in the community. Indeed, it's time to take the power back.

We'd love to have you...our next intro is this Tuesday (April 12th) at 5pm. Come down and start to take the power back...

Friday, April 8, 2011


PSKC is a group of amazing people with amazing talents. Sara "the Muscle Hamster" Mauk is one of the people with amazing talents. Sara and I go way back...(like our moms used to do Jazzercise way back). Any logo or design you've seen on a shirt or a banner has been designed by Sara Mauk..

So forever Mo has been beating me up to a PSKC "lady's tank top"..I was kind of hesitant, then Primetime hit me up about it...and then I began to all the chicks at PSKC love the saying "STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY" created by the folks at SINS. So I emailed to get permission to use it, and all they asked was to take pictures of our members in them once they're done!

But of course we had to make it more of PSKC of the ongoing inside jokes is how after a while of training at PSKC, chicks start to develop shoulders...traps included. We're big fans of showing the traps, Alisha's nickname is even baby the front of the shirt will have the slogan...

The back of the tank will look like this...

Pretty damn cool...Sara does great work. I highly recommend you get ahold of her if you ever need any type of help with graphic design. 

Don't forget we're doing a special Saturday intro tomorrow at 10am...let your friends now we'd love to have them! See you tomorrow at the Pain Clinic. If you're interested in the tank tops, make sure you give us your sizes at the gym. These things will sell quickly!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ahhh yes...more posts about nutrition. No one wants to hear about how they have to give up grains, pasta, bread, dairy, etc...well tough. My job is to keep beating you in the head until you submit. Why? Because I don't want you to be like me. For pretty much my whole adult life, I thought I could outtrain my diet. Just bust ass in the gym, and then I could eat/drink whatever I wanted. What happened? I got a beer belly and chipmunk cheeks...aka I got overweight. I was still working my ass off in the gym but was just maintaining a rather soft 225lbs...not good when you're 5'10" with heels on.

So what did I do...started focusing on eating right and following the Paleo/Primal way of eating. In the last month or so I've gotten pretty serious about it...and what happened? I lost fat..and got stronger. For the first time since high school/college days I'm looking at being under 200. Not that a certain number is my goal...but still it's pretty cool.

As I got more serious I wanted to learn why...then I read the Paleo Solution, by Robb Wolf...and everything made sense.

If you want to get serious about your health, buy the book "The Paleo Solution", by Robb Wolf. You'll learn why eating a grain/sugar based diet is going to make you soft, sick, and weak...

For total health, you must eat right, train hard, and eliminate stress....all 3 have to be in harmony. We'll take care of the exercise part...but it's the other 23 hours of the day you're responsible can do this. When you're ready here are some useful links to help you along your journey:

Now am I 100% Paleo all the time? No...should I be..yes. But I stick to the 80/20 rule...eating Paleo 80% of the time, which is a helluva better than I was. Plus it's nice to have the weekly cheat day...God bless Saturdays!

Keep working hard and tearing it up, and seriously consider eating the Paleo/Primal/Caveman'll be happy you did. And it ain't just me...go look at Troy the next time you see him in the gym and ask him what's he done...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This Week's Intro Is Rescheduled for Saturday at 10am

Monday's 7 rounds of nastiness..
Last night was a burner. After working on Turkish Get Ups..we went into 7 rounds of 7 reps of the following:
Box Jumps
Heavy KB Cleans

Huge props to Primetime and Mo who used a 53lb kettlebell for the workout. Garret and Shep smoked the workout finishing under 10 minutes with 62lb bell.

A Shad Ford sighting!
Also...due to some scheduling conflicts Wednesday's intro class has been rescheduled to Saturday at 10am. Let your friends know about the change...and keep bringing the new faces in!! See you guys at 6pm...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Recap

Mother and Daughter bonding...after 50 burpees, you need all the love you can get.
Saturday we changed it up a little bit from the typical Pain Clinic workout. This workout was inspired from  We broke into teams of 4, and only 2 people on a team could work at a time. All reps had to be completed before moving onto the next exercise...

400 Swings
300 Situps
200 Burpees
100 Pullups
* Run as a team down to Front Row Video and back (approx 800 meters)

the end result..
Want to send a big shout to members from the PSKC who completed in the Athens, half marathon. Way to represent, Rue, Ashley, and Diane!

So Primetime hits me up on a text and says she wanted to do the workout that a few of us did last Monday. The workout is 21-15-9 of
Overhead Squats
It came on the mainsite of Crossfit a few days back. It was a burner to say the least. So Primetime decided to name it "Dickface"..
Brent later told me.....
"Nice work out. I blacked out, my feet and hands are still numb and I puked when I got home."

Only from a West Sider...

And finally, since we are at the gym...what better way to spend some time then some kettlebell juggling. I wanted to be super bad ass and do it with a 53lb'r but hey it's Sunday, 35 was just right..Get ready for another great week of training as we continue to gear up for the Gauntlet on May 21st! See you guys at the 6 or 7..