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Thursday, August 22, 2013

300 Minutes

For the majority of us we have an average of 5 of gym time a week (if you're lucky). Out of 168 hours a week, you’ve only got 5 hours a week to train. That's 300 precious minutes.

Within those precious 300 minutes a week, you’ve got to do your part. You’ve got to earn it.

This was a key takeaway I learned from the Fundamentals seminar at Gym Jones a few weeks back.


Set a higher standard for yourself. Don't conform or believe what society claims is "hard". Modern day society is weak, mediocre, and excuse driven. Everyone gets a trophy, no one earns anything. Don't believe them...this is not you.

Push yourself and those around you. You’ve only got 300 minutes a week, respect that.

During those 300 minutes you have to got to be willing to commit, to attack, to journey deep within yourself and embrace the pain. Afterall, "pain is not your enemy, it is your call to greatness".

For those 300 minutes through your effort and intensity you can create an amazing environment for people to train. PSKC is 4 walls and a roof…the magic is the people..the environment...the intensity. Don’t just TAKE from it…GIVE to it.

Give to it by being relentless by refusing to listen to the weakness in your mind telling you it hurts.
Set a higher standard.
Become the higher standard.
Don't let anyone around you accept anything less..

Crush your weakness.
Every fucking minute....
300 minutes...time is ticking. What are you going to do about it?

Friday, August 16, 2013

SEALFIT 20X CHALLENGE: Saturday November 2nd

We are thrilled to announce that PSKC CrossFit will be hosting a SEALFIT 20X Challenge on Saturday November 2nd!

What is the 20X Challenge?

"The 20X event is a one day (12-14 hour) crucible delivered by SEALFIT certified coaches at CrossFit gyms and other training sites around the country. The objective of 20X is to transform and expand your definition of your capabilities as an athlete and human being.

20X demonstrates that you are capable of at least 20 Times more than you think you are. You will experience a permanent shift in your awareness and confidence. This training is a great mental toughness preparation for the famous Kokoro Camp, which you may decide is your next 20X goal after the challenge. You will test yourself against the SEALFIT standard and learn techniques that will allow you to dominate many of life’s challenges. You will gain mental toughness and a warrior’s non-quitting spirit as you learn to embrace the suck, become a world class teammate, and find your true potential!"


Sign up quick as they are only accepting 30 slots for this unique training. We are the only gym in the Midwest that is hosting the crew from SEALFIT.

Check out what some CrossFit Games competitors have to say about SEALFIT:

Free feel to email with any questions. See you November 2nd!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Battle Continues

Ten months after diagnosis the battle rages on, 4 year old Boston and his family are fighting the fight of their lives. After months of treatments, trips, hospital visits, chemo, clinical trials the brain tumor on 4 year old Boston remains.

Today, this moment more than ever the Schwamberger family needs our help, support, love, and most importantly our prayers.

The past year we have rallied the cry "Battle for Boston" "B4B". The battle continues and we must remain steadfast in our fight.

"God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers". 

In this case his smallest soldiers as well. Our lil soldier is decked out in green and yellow, sitting high atop his trusty John Deere tractor ready for the fight that is to come.

We need you more than ever to join him in the fight for his life.

The past year his mother and father have been examples of love, courage, and tenacity as they have supported their amazing son fight brain cancer.

 Now, as a community we need to lift them up and shower them with love. For those that know Joe and Ash, they would be the first two people that would be there for you. Now it's our time.

On Saturday August 24th, the Driven Foundation will be hosting a Benefit Basketball game for Boston - "Balling for Boston". Join us as former Ohio State football players  Roy Hall, Craig Krenzel, Antonio Smith, Andy Groom and a few others take the court against against local sponsors. Check out more info HERE

Come have some Scioto Ribber lunch with the Buckeyes before the game and get pictures and autographs by the players. The meet and greet lunch with the Former Buckeyes will be held at Temple Baptist Church by Crispie Cream donuts from 12:00-1:30. Tickets for the meet and greet are $50 for the general public and $40 for PSKC members. This includes the cost of the game.

For more information and to get your VIP ticket contact Mike Dillow @ 740-935-2849.  All proceeds goes torwards the Battling for Boston fund as he battles cancer.

This amazing and loving needs our help. Please pass the word and get your tickets now.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bring a Friend Pain Clinic = Saturday 9am

the angry deer in action

Saturday Pain Clinics are "fun" get a partner and share the suffering. We break out all the toys and start the weekend off right. If you're curious about PSKC or CrossFit come on down this Saturday at 9am to check us out for a FREE workout. Just show up around 8:45am to sign the waivers and we'll get to it. No sales pitch, no pressure, just an awesome workout with awesome people.

After the workout, we'll hang out for a bit then head over to the new building for a tour. There's been A LOT of progress in the last couple of weeks. WE ARE PUMPED!

Hope to see lots of new faces this Saturday. If you plan on attending shoot an email to .