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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Private Coaching Available

Our bread and butter comes from the group strength and conditioning classes we offer. As a matter of fact we encourage most folks to attend those classes because there is such an incredible benefit by training with an amazing and supportive cast of characters.
Whenever possible train with people who are stronger than you...

However, we do understand that our schedule may not be work for you. Or maybe you have a specific goal you'd like to achieve/work on (Olympic lifts, powerlifting, training for a sport). Due to these reasons, our coaches are available for private training.

If you'd like to set up a private session(s) just shoot me an email at: and we'll get you hooked up.

Now, onto some more important news. Coach CUW and "Baby Mama" gave birth to beautiful baby Eva this afternoon! She came into the world howling all the way weighing close to 8lbs and squat cleaned the axle bar. Although we'll need to see video evidence.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Week of Heat..

Complete week of full of awesomeness. Apologies for not producing more blogposts throughout the week, but work/life/gym get in the way of writing and updating. However, the best way to stay in touch and see what's going on at PSKC is through our Facebook page. Click HERE to check it out and make sure to hit the "like" button.

In order to ensure we're incorporating the best and most all encompassing strength and conditioning program possible we've done some tinkering with our workout programming. Each week a different coach is responsible for that's week of workouts. However, that doesn't mean they are completely on their own to develop the workouts. There is a certain recipe we do follow at PSKC that allows you guys to continually progress in both your strength and conditioning levels.

For strength; throughout the week we're gonna make sure you're working all variations of the major lifts: squats, deadlifts, presses (vertical and horizontal), pulling (vertical and horizontal), and some type of explosive hip extension movement. Also, for those interested we do have a separate group of folks who follow the Wendler 5/3/1 program with amazing results. Our deadlift day is Wednesday at 7:30pm and our squat day is on Sunday afternoons/evenings. Check the Facebook page on Sunday when we announce the times we'll be squatting. Aaaannnnndddddd...don't forget we have a separate crew of Olympic lifters. We meet up every Thursday at 6:30pm to work on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. We'd love to get a few more folks to join. Shoot us an email if you're interested.

For conditioning: within the week you know there's gonna be a Tough Mudder type 30-50 minute long suckfest. You're also likely gonna see a short 4-7 minute sprint workout, a circuit based finisher, some sort of kettlebell crusher, and a myriad of different types of finishers throughout the week as well.

So this week was the CUW's week and I think based on the amount of moaning and groaning he did not disappoint. See below for some action shots from the week:

Also, most importantly we had a big intro class on Wednesday! Close to 10 folks showed up for the first part of their intro program. Please make sure you say hello to new faces when you see them and give them the warm welcome and encouragement they deserve.

And the week's not over yet. We've got a great workout lined up today our classic Saturday Pain Clinic. We'll see you guys at the compound!

Monday, June 18, 2012


From mothers to former military, teachers to electrical engineers, each coach at PSKC offers a variety of different backgrounds, abilities, and personalities. Although we are each unique in our approach we are united in dedication to service of our members. Every member on the staff is here to make you better..

Dale KingCrossfit Level 1, USAW Olympic Lifting Certified Coach, Training Room Bodyweight/Kettlebell Certified Trainer, Crossfit Kettlebell/Tactical Athlete Certified

I'm the fortunate founder and proud owner of PSKC. Born and raised in Portsmouth, I moved away to attend college and serve in the US Army. Upon leaving the military as a former US Army Captain and Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom III & IV, I came back home where I opened the doors to PSKC. Since that time, I've worked with and coached individuals ranging from all ages, abilities, disciplines, and backgrounds. I've trained high school and college level athletic teams, military units, and have been blessed to travel to several gyms throughout Ohio to instruct their staffs in the correct usage of kettlebells.

My passion is helping people become awesome. Far too often people have settled for the mediocre/average in life because they don't believe they are capable of extraordinary things. My mission through PSKC is to subject people to incredibly difficult and physical challenges and then provide the necessary tools to overcome these obstacles. Through the persistent conquering of challenges a more successful and strong person is built. My belief is the only way to combat the disease of weakness is with strength, passion, and unrelenting intensity.
When I'm not at the compound, I can be found driving his dear wife crazy (who graciously allows him to spend time away from home at the gym) and playing with my best friend, Brutus, our German Shepherd.

Monica Sa - USAW Olympic Lifting Certified Coach, Crossfit Level 1

Born and raised in Natal, Brazil, I came to the US as a 17 year old exchange student with the hope of finding better opportunities. Ten years later I've learned to call the US my home. Along the way, I have been blessed with many special gifts and opportunities, one of them called PSKC.

Throughout my life, I've always been active. Playing all sorts of sports during school aged years, and later joining every fitness class out there. Unfortunately, I experienced the same end result…boredom. There was no feeling of accomplishment, no goals to achieve or mental obstacles to overcome. PSKC now provides that to me on a daily basis.

I've never been in better shape. I'm now equipped with the necessary tools to take part in events and do thing that I never believed were possible. Most importantly, I now know I can overcome any challenge life decides to throw my way.

My ultimate goal in life is to reach out and help others. Being a teacher in a public school, I have an awesome opportunity to develop kids into successful professionals and respectful adults. As a coach at PSKC, I have the awesome opportunity to help others believe they too can accomplish anything they put their heart into.

Ann Jewett - USAW Olympic Lifting Certified Coach, Crossfit Level 1

Ann enjoys cooking healthy, volunteering and traveling. She is a board member of the Ohio River Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross. She is married to Asa and they have a son named Jack.

Ashley Schwamberger - CrossFit Level 1, USAW Olympic Lifting Certified Coach

When I first stepped thru the garage door at PSKC I knew this place was different from other gyms. Little did I know that everything about the gym was different also. The people, the equipment, the workouts. I was looking for a challenge and found it….I was hooked immediately.

After a while, I started noticing changes in myself, I was witnessing results and getting stronger mentally and physically. The coaches provided direction and encouragement. They taught me anything is possible if you put in the time and hard work. Based on my experience, the passion was ignited within to now help others achieve the same. I don't care if you are THE best, I want you to be YOUR best. I'm very passionate about helping people achieve things they previously believed impossible.

As a mother, wife, and coach,  I want to set a great example to others that there is no secret to fitness. No magic pill, no fancy equipment. Just simple, honest hard work.

Zak Lafontaine
Crossfit Level One Trainer, USAW Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Why are you here?  Whatever your goals may be, whether it's looking better in a bathing suit this year, keeping up with your kids/grand-kids, competing in fitness events, or any other test of physical and mental endurance, there is a place for you at PSKC.

For years, I did the "bench on Mondays, bi's on Wednesday, legs on Fridays (if I had time)" routine coupled with running and stayed in decent shape.  By all accounts, I felt like I had a good idea of what fitness was and considered myself to be a fairly good athlete.  Then, I checked out PSKC. 

Now, an Electrical Engineer by day, I'm the "Coked Up Werewolf" by night.  The intense yet simple workouts and movements caused changes in me both mentally and physically that I had never experienced before.Shortly after joining PSKC, I began competing in various fitness events and challenges.  This feeling of training for a purpose made the overall goal of "getting in shape" much more invigorating. Once I became heavily involved in all things fitness, I truly developed a passion for the movements and helping others.

I love Olympic Weightlifting and will compete in about anything.  My beautiful wife (Erica a.k.a. "Baby-Momma") and I are expecting our first daughter in July, and I look forward to being able to keep up with her when she starts running all over the place like a wild woman. 

I truly enjoy coaching others and helping them excel past their wildest expectations.  That moment when something you say just "clicks" with someone who is struggling, or seeing someone hit a big PR (personal record) is unparalleled.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

No Going Back After the Start Line Has Been Crossed..

Some days are worse than others. Some days you're the hammer, some days you're the nail. Some days you just want to give in, not show up, hell maybe not even come back. In a simple word...QUIT.

It's too hot
You didn't drink enough water
You ate too much bad food
You're too tired
Every muscle/bone/joint hurts

Every plausible reason not to show up plays over and over in your head. But yet you want CHANGE. You don't want what you accepted and settled for in the past. Maybe sometimes against your will, a friend drags you in. You know the workout is gonna be a bitch ahead of time. But yet you show up and suffer. Because sometimes suffering is the only way to sacrifice, and sacrifice brings the transformation.

Recently I read a post by Mark Twight of Gym Jones...his words rung very clear to me, so I share them with you.

"You bite it off - and you chew it. Then you swallow and you smile even when you want to choke. Why? Because you crossed the start line. You said it. You began it. Now you f@!king-well finish. It's OK to negotiate with yourself along the way. It's normal if you want to quit. You just can't. Instead you do what it takes to make yourself keep going. After all, it's what you said you wanted. To be confronted. To be set ablaze. To … Be … Transformed."

Never settle....keep moving...keep transforming. 

I am constantly amazed by the efforts you all in and day out..week in and week out. 

Keep being awesome PSKC. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Join the Scioto County Health Coalition

Our community needs your help. Currently, Scioto County holds the infamous title of "unhealthiest" counties in the state of Ohio. We are ranked last in "health outcomes" and next to last in "health factors". Not only are we ranked last in the state of Ohio, according to a Wall St. Journal article Scioto County is ranked 8th most unhealthy County in AMERICA...

8. Scioto, Ohio
> Premature deaths (years of life lost per 100,000): 11,262 (44th highest)
> Percent reporting fair or poor health: 26% (27th highest)
> Unemployment: 12.8%
> Children in poverty: 32% (84th highest)
> Largest municipality: Portsmouth

On average, residents of Scioto, Ohio, report being physically unhealthy 7.1 days out of each month — the second-highest rate in the country. They also report being mentally unhealthy 6.2 days each month, which is the fifth-highest rate in the country. As is the case with many other counties on this list, Scioto has a number of particularly unhealthy behavioral traits. For example, 36% of residents are smokers — the country’s highest rate. The county also has among the highest rates of preventable hospital stays among medicare enrollees.

Click HERE for the full article.

The city health commissioner and PSKC member Chris Smith aka the "Commish" is asking for your support to help combat this epic problem.  Read below for a message from the Commish:

Please click HERE for a signup sheet for the new Scioto County Health Coalition.  The details are in the link, but it is basically a large coalition of individuals, government agencies, businesses, and non-profits interested in moving Scioto County up from its ranking of 88/88 in health factors among Ohio Counties.  There will be a big emphasis on health and wellness.  We really need to combat our obesity issue in Scioto County, and there is no one better to be involved than the PSKC group!

Please consider sending in the signup sheet or you can just let me know that you are interested and I will get you added to the email list.

IMPORTANT:  Signing up for the email list does not obligate you in any way to meetings or other time commitments

Also, please make copies of the attachment and help recruit, put the sign up info on your Facebook, anything you can think of.  To make a real difference, we need to get as many people involved as possible!
Chris Smith, MA, RS
Health Commissioner

Your community needs your help. You have a choice to do something to help or you can choose to sit back and watch the problem get worse and fester.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

One Event After the Other..

Summer is here and this time of the year things start CRANKING around PSKC. After the Gauntlet I had some time to think and reflect on just how busy we've been over the last few weeks. Here's a quick recap of the madness of the last month or so..

A month ago a crew from the gym traveled out to New Jersey to pay homage to my mentors at the Training Room and compete in the Tactical Strength Challenge (max deadlift, max deadhang pullups, and 5 minute snatch test).

3 weeks ago around 20 of us showed up to support the Annual Hike for Hospice. So we decided to team up and push a truck for the entire 5K, including the last 1/4 mile which was on an incline.

2 weeks ago for Memorial Day weekend we had a group of animals attempt and complete the Burpee Mile Challenge.

Then of course this past weekend was the Gauntlet...which was completely amazing. We're still gathering all the video/photos and will be having a more detailed post once we get everything together.

And we just started June!!! As you've figured out we're always looking for fun, challenging, and adventurous things to get into it. Life is all about the memories you make. So stay tuned...the summer is just starting!

If you'd like to get in on this crazy action, our next intro course will be offered this Friday at 6:30pm. Shoot me an email at: if you'd like to grab a slot. You won't regret it.

Monday, June 4, 2012


It's hard to describe just how incredible Saturday was. Once we get all the photos and videos compiled we will have a more detailed description. But if you weren't able to make it down, you missed out on a truly special day.

We packed the compound with 50 competitors and a total headcount of around 150-200 judges/volunteers/spectators. We owe each and every person and organization a huge thanks. You made Saturday truly special for all.

Of all the great memories we are most grateful for just how supportive and encouraging you guys were of one another. If you weren't competing you were screaming for other folks. And in the process we were able to raise some money so our local heroes can buy some fitness equipment for future Marine recruits.

So from the bottom of our hearts...THANK YOU. Next year will be bigger, better, and more fun. Rumors are afloat that we may even try to host it at Spartan Stadium...

Finally, if you're interested in how to get in on this action. We are having an intro course Tuesday at 630pm. We'd love to have you join the team!