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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Schedule Update, Shirts Are In, & Registration Link!

Shirts are in and they awesome! $20/shirt. We've got kids sizes all the way through 2XL for those with monster traps. Every single dollar goes to Joe/Ash/Boston.

Here's how you can get them:
1) They are available NOW for local pickup only during evening classes (click link for schedule).
2) They'll be available for purchase (assuming we don't sell out) during the Battling for Boston fundraiser on the 10th.
3) After the 10th, for the out of towners, we will set up a link and ship what we have remaining out to you.

*No pre-orders, no "set me some aside",  we're rolling first come, first serve. Accepting cash or you can make a check out to "Battling for Boston". 

We wanna give some special thanks for making these shirts happen. The one pulling the strings on this was our very own Muscle Hamster (aka Sara). It was her slogan and her design. More importantly it was the wonderful company she works for APPALACHIAN WOOD FLOORS, that donated money to cover the cost of the shirts being made. That way every single cent from these shirts goes towards the Battling for Boston fund. 

Secondly, big thanks to another member, Lori Lowe for making the shirts as fast and as awesome as she did. So if you have any shirts you'd like to get made please contact her. 


Regular Schedule and we'll be having a beginners program class at 630pm. Email to get a slot


Morning class will be cancelled. 
530pm class is a go. 

9am is a go. 

The Battling for Boston fundraiser is shaping up rather awesomely. Gifts/items for the silent auction are rolling in, including $300 in gift certificates from Rogue. If you'd like to donate an item please email Sara at:

Finally, if you're going to compete in the 3 workout competition for the fundraiser please use this LINK to register. We're capping the competition at 80 folks, and right now we've got 50 slots remaining. Please sign up ahead of time, it will help us plan heats and ensure the competition is moving smoothly. If you're not competing, just come to watch these folks do some awesome stuff along with the raffle drawing, silent auction, food, cornhole tournament and much much more!

Friday, October 26, 2012


How do you not fall in love with this dude?

Right now click HERE and donate to the online fund.

Many folks personally know the Schwambergers, but many of you don't. Allow me to better explain the situation that our beloved Boston is now facing.

Imagine one day you drop your 3 year old wild man off at preschool and then a few hours later as you pick him up he comes comes sprinting out of the school to be picked up by his mom. Imagine that feeling....the feeling a parent cherishes as their kid is beyond delighted to have his mommy.

Then in a matter of a week, you sit in the Cancer Center as the doctor tells you your son has a cancerous tumor on his brain stem. It can't be operated on, the chances of survival aren't in your favor, and the best option is to undergo radiation treatments. For 5 days a week, 6 weeks long your son will have to sedated as radiation beams into his brain to try and stunt the growth of the tumor.

This is why we are Battling for Boston. Boston is one of those kids that will automatically bring a smile to your face. He has never met a stranger, he's a ladies man, he's a stinker, he's a sweetie. Everyone at PSKC knows him because his mom (Ashley aka Quadzilla) is a coach there and Boston has spent more time at the gym than me. He's also always at competitions to watch his momma with his dad (Joe) or his beloved Papaw there as well to play with him.

The community support for this family has been nothing short of miraculous. We definitely have our problems in Southern Ohio but the tribe unites and rolls deep when we need to. A large part of that is because folks know the kind of people Joe and Ash are.

Just a few weeks ago they celebrated their one year anniversary. Joe is the kind of person you want on your side. The only thing that matches his heart is his hard working attitude. Joe works at a steel mill in West Virginia. For 6 days a week, every morning before the sun rises Joe is on the road to work. 6 days a week, 10 hour shifts Joe busts his ass to provide for his young family. Sometimes Joe just doesn't sleep. There's been multiple times as soon as he gets off from work he loads up in the car with B-man and Ash and heads out to a competition to support his wife. That's who Joe is, a man who would do anything for his family. During this time to help Boston, Joe will be granted FMLA from his employer however he will not be receiving any source of income for the days off he has to take to be with Boston.
Ash simply put is someone special. Ash would travel to the ends of the Earth for her friends. She is fierce, determined, strong, loving, and has made her life's purpose to helping other people become healthy and strong.  She started out as a member of the gym who quickly transformed herself into one of the most amazing examples of female strength I've ever witnessed. After a year or so, it was an easy decision for her to become a trainer/coach. In addition to her passion as a trainer, she is passionate about nutrition and healthy eating. In the last 2 months, Ashley has steadily gained more personal training clients and began to develop her own business where she cooks healthy meals for members of the gym. Right before Boston was diagnosed with the tumor, she was ready to launch her business full steam. During this period with Boston, Ashley will not be receiving any income.

 This is why we are Battling for Boston. This is the story of us all. A young hard working couple striking it out on their own life. We can all relate and now we're going to be there united in action and prayer for one another. In an election season when half the country dislikes the other half, now is the time to stand united for a family that needs us. We need your help.

On Saturday November 10th at 10am we're going to have one helluva good time. We're working hard to have something fun for everyone. Battling for Boston is a chance for you to come be awesome. We have something for everyone and as long as nothing interferes with medical appointments the B-Man himself will be there. We're really looking to put on a festival/tailgate atmosphere thrown into the middle of a unique fitness competition.

Below is a list of the day's events/activities

3 Event Fitness Competition:

1) Max Clean and Jerk. Take the bar from the floor and put that thing over your head anyway you want. You get 3 attempts at your max weight. So if you miss an attempt, you get 2 more chances.

2) Maximum repetitions of thrusters (95/65) in 3 minutes. You're welcome!

3) THE BOSTON - 7/22/09 Boston's birthday.
For time
7 deadlifts 225/155
11 kb snatches each arm (53/35)
9 Slurpees (slamball to burpee)
3 rounds 
$25 registration fee. Compete in 1 event or all 3!

$1000 Raffle:
We have tickets available for sale at $50/ticket. The grand prize is $1000 cold hard cash. Presale tickets are available through PSKC and its members. Tickets will also be available for sale during the event.

During the fundraiser we will be having multiple awesome items up for silent auctions. Please email if you'd like to donate an item for silent auction. 

Party Pros has donated inflatables for the kids to run around and go crazy. We will have cake/dessert walk, face painting, snow cones, all kinds of stuff for the little ones. 

Get a partner and get in on the cornhole action! You will be rewarded with awesomeness and bragging rights. So what if you can clean and jerk 315, winning the cornhole tournament is much more impressive. $20/team. 

T-Shirts and Wristbands for Sale:
Throughout the day we'll have awesome Boston merchandise for sale. 

Big thanks to BW3s and LaRosas for donating tasty grub. Come enjoy some wings or pizza while enjoying the activities. 

If you can offer up anything hit us up on our Facebook page or shoot us an email

See you on the 10th. In the meantime make sure to donate online and stay awesome!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We Take Care of Our Own

He is one of our own and he needs our help. Boston (aka Bubs, Bossman, B-man) has a cancerous tumor growing on his brain stem. Bubs is the 3 year old son of our own Coach Quadzilla (Ashley) and Joe and has probably spent more time at the gym than most of us being there with Ashley all the time.

We will follow up with a later post detailing the reason why Boston and his incredible family are so special. But for now we wanted to push out a couple of things.

GO RIGHT NOW AND DONATE MONEY BY CLICKING HERE. They are going to incur a small fortune in medical expenses as Boston undergoes radiation treatment in the future. So far, we have had donations ranging from $4-$500. Any amount no matter how small will help.

PRAY. Right now pray Boston, pray for strength, make them feel your love.


We are working on an epic fundraiser for Saturday, November 10th. Of course will be doing some workouts/lift-a-thon. But it will be more than just another workout fundraiser. We will have something for everyone! We are looking to make it a tailgate atmosphere. We will have stuff for kids, cornhole, shirts and wristbands for sale, raffles, food, and fun. Joe, Ash, and Boston plan on being there as long a medical appointment doesn't keep them. We want to raise as much money as possible and have as much fun as possible.

We will be meeting at Port City Pub Thursday after the 530pm class is over to discuss details for the 10th. Once we get them finalized we will post them here on the blog and Facebook.

Say what you will about Southern Ohio, and we obviously have our faults, but I'll be damned if we don't take care of our own. Once the story our lil Bubs hit Facebook, the entire Scioto County poured their hearts and wallets out. Below is a list of fundraisers/links that we encourage you to attend. These are the ones I'm tracking, I apologize if I left something out. Email and I'll get them up there.

November 1st - "Boston Marathon"
November 2nd - Benefit for Boston - Community Bake/Yard Sale
November 9th - Battle for Boston at Crossfit OKM in Hilliard OH
November 10th - Battling for Boston at PSKC - details to come

November 17th - Buckeyes for Boston - OSU vs. Michigan tickets raffle

November 18th - Battling for Boston Benefit at Minford Middle School 

Scioto Smiles ongoing benefit : To help him and his family, they are offering "Smiles for Boston." From now until December 31st, they will donate $25 of any custom home whitening kit and $75 of any in-office whitening directly to Joe and Ashley Schwamberger. Please call us at 456-1100 for more information and help us by sharing this post! Praying for a miracle for little Boston!!!

Hollywood Hair Benefit: Hollywood Hair in New Boston from Monday till Nov 17 for every hair service they are donating a portion of it to a jar for Boston!

It's time to step up and show how we much love and care. Put yourself in this young couple's shoes. Nothing is stronger than a mother's love for her son.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Saturday Mudder Details

Will there be any emotional breakdowns this year??
Hard to believe it's that time of the year again...the Mudder is upon us! This year we've got around 25 folks signed up on Team PSKC ready to conquer the Tough Mudder (click HERE for course map). Also looks like the weather will be a little better this time around, highs being in upper 50s on Saturday and sunny.

Our start time is 1140am on Saturday. So here's the logistics:

We will meet at the gym at 0830 and carpool to Maysville. Apparently if a car has 4 or more people you don't have to pay the $10 parking fee.

The address of our parking area is:

4037 Kentucky 10, Maysville KY 41056

Once you arrive at the parking area. We'll board a shuttle bus to the actual event.

Click HERE to go ahead and print/sign your waiver ahead of time.

Some tips:
Someone bring a roll of ducktape to tape around your shoelaces to your shoes. So hypothetically, if your shoe comes off in the mud your husband won't have to use his teeth to untie your shoelaces so you can get your shoe back on.

The less clothes the better. No matter the temperature, you're going to get soaked head to toe in freezing water and you're going to get muddy. Accept this fact now, embrace it.

The more clothes you have on the more wet weight to carry around, and the more wet clothes you have the harder it is to get less is better.

Bring a bag to change out into. Bring a couple towels and a trash bag to put your nasty stuff into.

If you have any other questions, just post them on the PSKC page. See you maniacs on Saturday!

For those who missing out on the muddy goodness, we will still have the regular 9am Pain Clinic.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


How long can you  throttle an engine before it breaks down? Even the most powerful engines need some garage time, have their oil changed, and wheels re balanced.

The bug has bitten you hard. You squat, you deadlift, you push, you pull, you climb, you run, you swing, you jump....all with great intensity..all at varying weights and times. And you love it! Love it so much in fact that you're scared if you missed more than one day of working out you'll magically turn soft and weak.

In the very beginning of opening the gym I had to stress the importance of consistency (funny, this post was written almost exactly 2 years ago). So in one way I'm glad I have to write a post dedicated to telling you all to take time off. I mean how awesome is it that the majority of the folks who go to PSKC are hardcore consistent with their workouts?

But there is a problem....if you never miss a workout, you're in serious risk of becoming OVERTRAINED.

Simply can't hammer your system religiously 4-6 days/week for unlimited weeks. You need rest. You need to recover/rejuvenate/reload. Think of your long term training cycle just like the stock market. Over a longer period of time, we hope to see consistent gains in the market, just like we want in your fitness/performance. However, that doesn't mean it will be a consistent linear mark on returns. To be a long term investor you need to understand to have peaks, you must have valleys. (see below)

But you need to be in it for the long term, understanding that some short term dips in your portfolios are okay. In this analogy these short terms "dips" are what we're referring to as "rest days/deload/recovery".

What happens when you don't let your body rest and heal up? You're running the risk of being overtrained which can ultimately lead to: INJURY

The biggest thing that can set you back in regards to making consistent gains in your fitness levels is injury. If you're stubborn and refuse to take planned "deload" days/week you're increasing your risk for injury.

To get stronger, fast, more awesomer, you need REST.

There are 3 legs on the table that supports awesomeness.

1) Training - this is the easiest part. We handle this for you. We push, pull, squat, deadlift, swing, climb, sprint, run, row, jump (you get the picture). We do them at varying distances and time lengths. And the most important part is that we do things you don't like to do. (cough D with deadlifting..cough..cough..Dale with running).

2) Nutrition - a bit more difficult, but once you learn HOW to eat (don't eat dumb sh!t), it's just a matter of having the discpline NOT to eat the dumb sh!t. Click HERE to learn more.

3) Recovery - this is the 3rd and equally important part of the triangle. It's the least sexiest one of the three and for some of you psychos out there it's the most difficult one to uphold.

So if you're training right AND allowing proper recovery time. This is basically what happens with your body and how you get stronger. The workouts are like a punch in the face, a shock to the system, a stress (good stress). Your body starts breaks down as a result of the stress, you allow ample time for your body to recover from the stress impacted upon it, there is a period of "supercompensation" where your body/mind goes from Clark Kent to Superman, then you dominate your next training session and the cycle repeats as my dad always says "onward and upward".

However, if you're traveling down the path to overtrained this is what is happening:
Boils down to too many stresses over a period of time and not enough recovery/supercompensation. Click HERE to read more.

How can you tell if you're getting close to becoming overtrained? Here are some signs to look for:

  1. You're losing motivation to train ("getting through it" vs. "crushing this m@therf@cker")
  2. You're feeling "under the weather"
  3. You're not sleeping well, feeling restless
  4. You haven't had a great workout in a while (no PRs and/or not making gains)
  5. You're constantly sore from workouts and your joints ache

"If you're gonna be stupid, you better be tough"

If you're experiencing these signs take some time off. Use common sense, take some planned days off (2-4), get some rest, allow your system to reset and come back hungry to train. If you don't do this, you will get injured. And you won't be able to pinpoint the exact time you hurt something (back, elbow, knee, hip, whatever), it will be the result of an accumulation of weeks/months of consistent stress without adequate time for recovery. Then one morning you go to get the Folgers in the coffee maker and boom your low back is locked up and you can't unfold yourself.

Somethings to help boost your recovery:

  1. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet (see above). 
  2. Take anti-inflammatory supplements (fish oil, KillCliff)
  3. Mobilize yourself. When's the last time you stretched or did joint mobility at home? If you don't know the answer you're wrong. 
  4. Take planned rest days and even deload weeks. And yes that means you. If you've been hammered by coming two days in a row and you're wicked sore, take the next day off! Even if you see the workout and it's one of your favorites, take a seat on the bench champ, you'll need it. There's a reason why Wendler's 5/3/1 program calls for a deload week every 4th week from heavy lifting. Jim is a "lifer", he's been there and done it. Don't think you're smarter than someone like him take his advice. 

Some folks are advocates for a 3 days on/ 1 day off cycle or a 5 days on/ 2 days off cycle. Some folks preach taking one week off of training for every 6 weeks of hard training. I'm not that dogmatic in the approach. It boils down to the individual and what capacity/level they are on.

It's really simple, don't be stubborn, be smart and listen to your body. If you're feeling run down, take some days off, get fresh so you can come back more awesomer.

I promise if you take 3-5 days off your body won't turn into mush, you won't lose your strength and capacity. Odds are you'll be stronger and more hungry to be awesome.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Congrats to All SCGC Competitors!

Saturday's 1st Annual Scioto County was a huge hit! There were 25 teams ranging from Wilmington, OH to Huntington, WV who came down to compete in a 4 event challenge. The bigger success was that a group of gyms came together to put on an event to promote fitness in one of Ohio's unhealthiest areas.

Huge props to the Scioto County Health Commission, SOMC Lifecenter, Fighterz Wanted, and Preferred Fitness. All of the gyms were equal members of the committee responsible for the planning and coordination of the event and put in alot of hours and hard work hosting the event.

Congrats to all the winners and top finishers. Special shout to our boys Chad and Bryan (brothers from another mother) from the Strength Lab taking first place in the male division.

More impressive than the actual winners were those who came out and competed for the first time. It's a big obstacle to overcome throwing yourself out there in front of everyone and giving it all you got. Special credit goes towards Donna and Tiffy B. Both of them had to be coerced into filling last minute spots so we could have 2 more teams compete. Both of them did not want to compete and did not feel comfortable at all ....before.

Afterwards they were both happy and elated for doing so. Competing in something isn't about being the best at the's about being YOUR best. And I would venture to say they both learned something about themselves along the way. Had they set on the sidelines, listening to the fear dog tell them they weren't good/worthy enough to compete, they would have never experienced the joy of achieving a personal best, of helping a team, of conquering an obstacle they once believed to be impossible.

So thank you to everyone who came out and gave it everything they had...on that day we proved there are folks who care about health and fitness, and that's something we can all cheer for.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saturday Competition Details: Need Volunteers

Saturday is shaping up to be an awesome day. There are 25 teams total competing including 12 from PSKC. What a great way to get out and prove there are people in the area who rally against the title "unhealthiest county in the State".

You guys all know the events. As far as the actual day is concerned. Here's your timeline:
0800-0900 - Registration
0900-0915 - Event briefing and event assignment
0915 - 1215ish - Scioto County Gym Challenge

1230 - Post event BBQ and beers. You guys pick em (LaRosas, BW3s, or Ray's BBQ).

We need your help! We are supplying the weights/bars/ and kettlebells for the event. So if a few of you could meet up at the gym at 0730 for load out that would be tremendously appreciated.

Also WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! We need people to judge/count reps for the burpee/swing ladder, judge the deadlift event, and/or be runners. Please email me or hit up the PSKC Facebook page and let us know if you can help out, we can use all the help we can get!

the first steps of a very successful journey
Big congrats to Kristi on completing her first class! We're looking for more hard workers to join her. This week's beginners program are as follows:
Wednesday 630pm
Thursday 630pm

Email to grab your slot and start your journey.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beginners Program

Nikki - newest member of the 300 club
Coach Mo has been swamped with new folks taking the beginners program and she couldn't be more happy. Our next beginners program will be offered on the following days:

Thursday 4OCT12 - 630pm
Tuesday 9OCT12 - 630pm

I can't stress enough that you do not have to be in shape to start! You just have to have the courage to take the first step.

Here are some comments from some of newest members who have completed the beginners program and are on their way attending the regular classes.

"Home from PSKC, they kicked my butt!! Never worked so hard in my life. Would have never made it without the coaches motivation/push."

"I couldn't be happier with joining PSKC. It's only been a couple weeks and I can already tell a difference. The coaches and people there are always supportive and great. Every day is a new challenge that we get through together."

Stop thinking about it, stop putting it off, start now. The world is in desperate need of more awesome people. Let's go be awesome. 

Email to grab your slot.