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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scioto County Gym Challenge Registration

Our next event is rapidly approaching! On 13OCT12, a bunch of local gyms in Scioto County have joined together to put on a team fitness challenge. Click HERE for event details. 

So far it looks like we might be putting in an 9 teams for the event! And it's not too late if you want to get on a team. 

We all have to be registered no later than Friday. I need one person from each team to act as the Captain, just need you to make sure you get your team's name, shirt sizes, and money. The cost is $50/team ($12.50/person). I need your registration form and money no later than the 530pm class on Friday. Just drop the form and money off to a coach at the gym. Once we've got each team's registration sheet and money, we'll then take it up to the Lifecenter so we'll all be good to go.

HERE to download the registration form/event details for your team.

Finally, a big shout to Ninjy. She's come such a long way since her first day in the gym. She struggled with pressing the 18lb kettlebell. She now deadlifts well over 300lbs and can dominate a kettlebell complex with man's weight!

Through dedicated hard work, progress is inevitable. We're here to show you the right way to getting the results you want. Our next beginners program for this week is Thursday at 630pm. Email to grab a slot!

Monday, September 24, 2012

New Shirts and Feedback for Class Options

super soft...super comfy...super awesome
My boy John Steiner of Infidel USA outdid himself on this one. We wanted something that said we're proud to be from Portsmouth, proud of the great state of Ohio, and proud to be an Infidel. These shirts definitely speak to that. Supplies are limited, so get them while you can. Best thing to do is stop by the gym and pick them up. For my out of town folks, email me at: and we'll hook it up through paypal and get one out to you.

One thing we're in the process of doing is developing better options to suit you guys. Our bread and butter will always be our standard strength and conditioning classes. Whether rookie or veteran you stick to these classes you will be a better human. We try to throw as many different disciplines into our programming as possible (kettlebells, bodyweight, Olympic Lifting, strength training, classes designed for those who like to do competitions, etc).

So what we're thinking is taking the 6:30pm classes and making them specialty classes. For example a weekly template could look like this:
Monday - 630pm: normal class (competitor class - 430pm)
Tuesday - 630pm: 5/3/1 Strength Training (squat/dead/press) see more info HERE
Wednesday - 630pm: Advanced bodyweight skill development (rope climbing, Handstands, gymnastic ring work)
Thursday - 630pm: Olympic Lifting

You will be coached in each class and provide a little variety. We've had a lot of success with folks who attend the Olympic Lifting class and those who attend Zak's competitor class dig it as well.

We've only been getting an average of 5 or so folks who attend the 630pm classes. We don't want to take that away from you all. We just want to do the best for everyone. IF we do go to this format, we'll still make the 630pm classes available for open gym, so you could come in and knock out that day's workout.

As always, our best ideas come from YOU. So please hit up the PSKC Facebook page and let us know what you think!

P.S. Don't forget we're having a beginners program Tuesday at 630pm. Email to grab one!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ranch Recap

21 competitors and a slew of supporters
Last weekend a whole platoon of competitors and supporters traveled to Troy Ohio for one of the most unique and creative Crossfit competitions around...BACK AT THE RANCH. We were apart of the first one last year and what a difference a year can make. Not only did we bring a ton more folks, our teams fared much better, including one team making the finals and two teams finishing in the top ten.

The first event was a team obstacle course:
over the top
up the hill
to the wall
up the wall
over the wall
down the balance beam
sprint towards the logs
up and over
stone carry finish

Event #2 was a team relay consisting of double kb thrusters, one arm barbell snatches, burpees, and sprint/swim.

Event #3 was a mix of pullups, hatchet throwing, handstand pushups, horseshoe throwing, and barbell thruster tossing.

Then it came time for the finals. We were fortunate enough to have one team make the cut for the finals. Each team had to run/carry a 160lb slosh pipe around a .6 mile trail into the pond for a 2 person 20ft rope climb out of the water. As awesome as it sounds.

Overall it was a fantastic event run by fantastic people at Practice Crossfit. Looking forward to next year. If you're interested in being apart of this awesomeness. We'd love to lead you down the path to awesomeness. Our next beginners program kicks off this Tuesday at 630pm. Email to grab a slot!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This weekend we are rolling DEEP up and over to Troy, Ohio for the 2nd Annual Back at the Ranch competition. Last year we brought a crew and had a blast and this year we have 21 folks from the gym signed up and ready to have an awesome time.

Please check out the video clips below so you'll be well informed of the standards and some possibilities of what to expect. (Who doesn't love ponds, ziplines, and obstacle courses?!?!)


As you can see, expect ANY AND EVERYTHING!  Which means you need to prepared accordingly. Like the old wise Pops says "it's better to have more food than to go hungry". Yeah, I don't know what it means either but here somethings that will be good to have.

-Extra pair of shoes and extra socks, also tall socks if you're worried about your delicate shins. Remember "blood makes the green grass grow". 
-Change of clothes; weather appropriate clothes. Weatherman says hi of 76/low of 49 and 0% chance of rain. 

***Make sure you rock your favorite PSKC swag. Keep your fingers crossed, Infidel HQ busted their ass to get some sweet comp team shirts. Hopefully the postman can make the delivery by Friday. If so, we'll pass out the shirts first thing in the morning. 

-Whatever the hell you wanna swim/workout in

CHOW/WATER: you'll be getting in at least 3 workouts stretched out over 6 or so hours. So make sure you bring extra water and snacks/in between workout recovery (pack a cooler between teams or whoever)

WORKOUT/WARMUP GEAR: whatever kind of shoes, braces, wraps, tape and belts you normally use make sure you got them.The coaches will bring a few bands, PVC pipes, and foam rollers to warm up. But it's always best to bring your own. 

Bring a lawn chair or something to chill out in. Also, wouldn't hurt if someone could bring a canopy for use to establish a beachhead location. 

Finally, don't get all freaked out and let the competition gremlins make you nervous and throw you off your game. Where else can you get away with pond swimming, obstacle course running, and working out all in the name of charity? Remember this event is for ALL levels, if you can't do something as prescribed, no one cares and there will be modifications for everyone. 

Enjoy it...have an amazing time! The beer will taste great afterwards. 

P.S. We will rally afterwards at Smokey Bones in Vandalia off of 75 on the way home. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

September 11th Fundraiser Final Details

Tomorrow there will only be two class options:

We will be doing a very special workout in honor of the lives lost on September 11th. The workout will also act as a fundraiser for a veteran organization. We are asking each and every person to make any size donation that will be gathered up and submitted directly to Team Red White and Blue.

If you want to write out a check please make it payable to:
Team Red White and Blue

For the workout we will put you on a team of no less than 5 people. The entire team must climb a total of 2730 feet. 2730 feet is the combined height of both the World Trade Towers. That breaks down to 234 rope climbs. If you haven't mastered the rope climb yet, PLEASE COME ANYWAYS! We will provide you with a substitute/modification that anyway can do. You will lay flat on your back and pull yourself up to the standing position. You will do this twice and that will equal one full rope climb. EVERY CLIMB WILL HELP YOUR TEAM.

Please remember to dress appropriately. I recommend wearing boots for this workout. Also wear long pants or heavy duty long socks, anything that will protect your shin/ankle area from rope burn.


Friday, September 7, 2012

9/11 Fundraiser = Tuesday

This year we are teaming up with Team Red White & Blue to host a workout fundraiser on Tuesday September 11th. The workout is Operation Vigilance:

2730 foot rope climb, May be done as a team.

"The symbolism of this climb lies within the twin towers - 2730 feet was their combined height.   Their formerly imposing stance in the New York City skyline made them a target, and once hit, an impossible situation.  The lesson we must never forget from the day is where necessity meets impossibility, the mentally and physically prepared can step forth and say “follow me”.  Stay ready. Be vigilant."

Our ropes are exactly 11ft 4in high. That breaks down to 234 rope climbs to hit the 2730ft mark.

For September 11th we will have a morning class (9am) and only one evening class (530pm). We are only having one evening class in order to get the most people to come to one class to form up more teams. You can choose your own teams ahead of time, or we will assign you to a team.

Also if you'd like to attempt solo or in partners, you can do that as well. Scaling will also be offered for those who have difficulty with the rope climb. This would definitely be a boots and BDUs (pants) kinda workout, so dress appropriately. 

We are asking each person that conducts this workout to bring a donation and place it in the bucket on the day of the workout. We have well over 50 members and if each member brings $20 we will easily reach our $1000 goal. Anything you can give will be appreciated for this great veterans' cause. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Beginners Program Tuesday 630pm

Today we had a great turnout for the Labor Day workout. A packed house suffered through a 300 rep partner suckfest. If you're following the blog and wanted to keep up with our workouts be sure to check this link out HERE. If you become a member you can have the workouts emailed to you daily.
Labor Day chaos
Also, we've had several folks ask us about our next intro program. The next one is going down tomorrow at 630pm. We like to keep these classes to a maximum of 5 people, so be sure to email/message us to grab a slot. We love to get newbies started down the right path.

It's also dues week. Be sure to get enrolled into the auto-pay system. Click HERE to register. Our goal is get all of monthly members enrolled into auto-pay, it simply makes it easier for both parties involved and you can cancel/opt-out anytime you'd like. Remember, once you get enrolled you get a purchase a shirt for 50% off. Including the new ladies tanks (see below).

Finally, we're heading into an extremely busy next couple of weeks/months. As a reminder here's all the events we've got lined up. Train'll need it!

September 11th Fundraiser Workout

15SEP Back at the Ranch Competition - even if you're not on a team, we'd love to have you come out and support the 20+ competitors from PSKC.

29SEP - Adams County 1/2 Marathon (PSKC member Louvina is organizing this event and it would be great to go out and support it)

13OCT - Scioto County Gym Competition - We would love to get as many teams as possible! We will also need several volunteers to help judge and organize our events. Use the Facebook page to get on a team.

21OCT - TOUGH MUDDER!  Click the link to register and join Team PSKC. This is a great time!