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Sunday, March 31, 2013

So Much Room for Activities!

Saturday morning crew..
This weekend we assembled some much needed new gear and did a little spring cleaning. We now have a monster 24ft Rogue rig that frees up a bunch more racks and room for pullups. We also got some Ohio bars and a few benches. This Saturday at the Pain Clinic we had around 30 folks and had plenty of space and equipment to go around.

I wanna send a very special thanks to the over 20 folks who helped assemble, move stuff around, and help out and of course a big shout out to our own Handyman leading the effort.

We've been getting some questions in regards to the new rates, so I'll do my best to answer the most frequently asked ones:

New rates go into effect May 4th. Current members, and anyone who signs up before May 4th we will lock you into your current rate IF you do the following two things.
1) Sign a one year contract
2) Enroll in online autopay

It's that simple.

So if you're currently enrolled in autopay, all you gotta do is sign the contract stating you'll do autopay for 1 year. We will have the contracts at the gym later this month for you all to sign.

If you're paying at the desk, prior to May 4th you'll need to enroll in online payments and sign the contract.

So now is the time to get signed up and get locked in. Anyone that comes down after May 4th, will be subject to the new rates. Be sure to pass the word along to your friends.

So if you've been wanting to check out and try is the time! You will not a find a better deal. You've got around 30 days to become a member at the old rates. To become a member you have to register and complete the beginners program. We only take 5 people per beginners program. Our next program starts Monday at 6:30pm. Email to grab a slot!

Finally, the 3rd Annual Gauntlet is filling up! Currently there are over 20 folks who have signed up. This will be sure to sell out. We're capping the event at 60 folks. We're also actively seeking corporate sponsors for the event. If you'd like to sponsor this year's Gauntlet, click HERE for more info. Don't forget, a portion of the proceeds will go towards the Battling for Boston fund.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Get Locked in Now...

A few months ago we had a meeting at the gym to discuss to the possibility of becoming an official CrossFit affiliate. Obviously the response was an overwhelming yes. In order to become an affiliate there are some increased cost and commitment on our end. CrossFit gyms are more expensive than your normal globo-gym for several reasons, like everything in life "you get what you pay for".

The bottom line at PSKC, we get you results. Not just the 6 week results where you turn back around....we stick with you. Your success is our success. We want the lifestyle changing results that will stick around for a lifetime.
strong is way hotter than "skinny"

We have a few things in the works.  We are in the process of getting more equipment, adding more classes and hopefully more space to accommodate our growth. All this will mean a raise in our membership dues.

However, more importantly, we also believe in customer loyalty above anything else. So here's the deal:

For current members of PSKC CrossFit whatever rate you're currently paying, we will lock you into that rate as long as you're a member. Your loyalty and commitment means the world to us and we don't take that lightly. So here's what we need you to do to get locked in at that rate.

1) Enroll in online auto-pay
2) Sign a 12 month commitment contract*

*In the next few weeks we will have the contracts available for you to sign at the gym. After signing the contract if you want to cancel the contract you'll have to pay $100 cancellation fee. 


Effective Monday May 6th we will implement the new rates:

$85 monthly unlimited with 12 month commitment
$75 - 1st Responder/Student Discount
*Requires 1 year contract and enrollment in auto-pay.
Family Couples are available.

$95 - 1st Responder/Student Discount
Family Couples are available.

Daily rate = $10

We will honor our current pricing/membership dues up until Sunday May 5th. So that means NOW is the time to get locked in at our current pricing. Remember to get locked in at the current pricing, you must enroll in auto-pay and sign the 12 month commitment contract. It's that simple. Let your friends know now is the time.

If you have any questions or want to get started in CrossFit email to get going!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

This Weekend's Schedule

We've got another packed weekend! Here's the agenda..

0900 Regular class. If you need to be judged for 13.3 see a coach during this timeslot.
530pm- The regular class will start 13.3. Then those folks who have registered for the Open, we will start doing heats of 4-5 folks as soon as the class is over. Also, if there's any folks in the area who need to be judged come on down!

Standards: You either are performing the movement to the standard (good rep) or you're not (no rep). Be familiar with the movements and the standards, we will always brief the group beforehand, but it's your responsibility to know them. Your judges job is not coach you, but to ensure the movements are being performed correctly. If you're not doing the movement correctly you're gonna get "no repped".

Also, we won't tolerate cry babies or whining about being no repped. I know how things get when you're having a near death experience due to a shit ton of wall balls, especially being on 149 then hearing..."no rep"..."no rep". If you wanna freak out and lose your cool then you'll be asked to go elsewhere. Remember this is supposed to be fun.

0900 - BRING A FRIEND PAIN CLINIC! If you've got a buddy who hasn't been to the gym before. Bring them in for free and let them get an experience of PSKC Crossfit. Shoot an email if you're planning on bringing someone.
1000 - PHS Football team training.

Finally, the Gauntlet III registration page is live! Click HERE to get signed up and reserve your slot!

See you all this weekend!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

PSKC Crossfit

In 2007, I got introduced to CrossFit while serving on active duty. My SF buddy (now FBI Special Agent) keeps showing a weird website with people doing all kinds of crazy shit. He finally convinces me to do it at the base gym...the workout was "Filthy 50". 55 minutes I wobbled into the locker room dry heaving....did not finish. It was was was CrossFit.

It remained with me as I moved back to Ohio. I quickly searched out the closest affiliate in Ohio at that turned out to be a small gym called Rogue Fitness, the head trainer was a guy named Bill Henniger. I did a couple of private one on one sessions so I could figure out what the hell I was doing. At the time Bill mentioned he was creating a small start up company designed to supply/manufacture Crossfit equipment....amazing what can happen in 6 years.

I fell in love in kettlebells and picked up my first Crossfit cert in 2009 at the Crossfit Kettlebell course. After being asked to teach some kettlebell classes at a local gym in 6 months we were getting too big for the room. In 2010, I took some money out of savings and opened the roll up doors to PSKC. All we had was a couple mats, kettlebells, boxes, and a rig. I was hoping to make it through each month, let alone survive the year.
September 2010
Fast forward to now and we're running out of space! Stock full of bumpers, bars, rowers, airdynes, jerk boxes

...and most importantly amazing members...people who are not longer just PSKC members...but Crossfitters, members of a global fitness revolution of "people who have decided that easy will no longer suffice". Our goal was always to be an affiliate "one day"...before we pulled the trigger we wanted to give you all the best we could offer. Crossfit at its purest form, as it's designed to be:
1) Fueled by passion for the betterment of our members
2) Dedicated to forging a stronger community
3) Exhilarated to teach functional fitness

Day by day we built slowly, evolved along the way, and got valuable experience. Every dollar earned and every lesson learned was invested right back inside those walls.

So it's now official....but hold on...the journey of awesomeness is just beginning. We are honored to have you with us!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

St. Paddy's Weekend Details

Pops mid workout "pause for the cause"..
In case you were wondering...this weekend will be epic!

Here's the agenda:

Friday -
0900 - regular class
530pm regular class. For the class EVERYONE will be doing 13.2 workout. We will scale down so everyone can get a flavor for a Crossfit Open workout. People who have not registered for the Open will go first. Immediately following that we will begin to film folks who have registered for the Open and stay there as long as it takes. The evening will be capped off as Derick and Dale go head to head in the "muscle bear" option of the workout. Anyone else wanting to throw down on some one legged push presses, deadlifts, and box jumps are welcome!
the muscle bear wants YOU! 
Here's what we need from you on Friday:
1) Be f@cking awesome!
2) Bring Ipads or cameras for filming/timers
3) Create an AMAZING atmosphere. Come early and stay late and scream your ass off as you root your teammates on! Pump TONS of positive and encouraging atmosphere in the gym.
4) After your heat stay after, have a beer or two (21+) and be awesome. We will be probably grab dinner afterwards.

0700-0730 - Registration for local charity 5K "Shamrock Shuffle". Some folks will be going to run/walk/jog/sprint this great event for charity in the morning.

1000 - We will be hosting PHS Football team for team training. Derick will be giving a motivational speech to the athletes on overcoming adversity. Any and all are welcome to come watch and/or hangout.

1200 - Annual St. Paddy's Day Pain Clinic aka "Burpees & Beer". We'll throwdown at the Pain Clinic then as soon as we're done roll down to Port City for St. Paddy's Day festivities! We're rolling straight dirty/nasty!

Come down starting tomorrow night and let's make it a good day to be awesome!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Awesome Week

This has been an incredible and memorable week at the gym. Early in the week Derick's video of him at the Arnold went viral. It was picked up and promoted by the Governator himself and quickly went all over the interwebs, the youtube clip is currently over 200,000 views!

Based on Arnold's personal promotion a bunch of websites and blogs picked up the story. Below are some of our favorites.

HERE is a great article from Muscle and Fitness
HERE is a great article from Guyism
And an awesome clip from a TV show...

Then it was time to hit up the first workout of the 2013 Crossfit Open. It was amazing to support and witness newbies and veterans alike through a brutal combo of burpees and snatches. The support and team atmosphere we offer at PSKC is what makes it such a special place.

Then on Saturday we introduced our first of many "Trojan Saturdays" with the PHS football team. Close to 30 of the players came down to learn some lifting technique and get exposed to some nasty team based conditioning.

A remarkable and very busy week. We'd love for you to join the madness. Send a message and we'll get you a slot for our next beginners program kicking off this Wednesday at 630pm.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Flash Sale of New Shirts and Hoodies!

The awesome nickname shirts we rocked at the Arnold are now available for pre-order! Use the link the below to get yours for the special pre-order price at $22. There will only be a small quantity of these made. If we have any extras leftover they will be available at the gym for $25. So reserve yours now and save over 10%. We are only making these shirts and hoodies available for pre-order for the next 24 hours.
Booboosan & Ninjy tested and approved..

These are the super soft and super awesome American Apparel track shirts that get softer with each wash.


Also, by popular demand we are offering a special edition Skull Flag logo hoodie! Another American Apparel piece of super soft super warm hooded excellence. It will be the comfiest hooded sweatshirt you'll ever own. We will take the massive flag skull and cross barbell logo from the t-shirts and print them on the hoodie pictured below:
I know the dude doesn't look excited, that's because the PSKC logo isn't on his chest

Monday, March 4, 2013

Arnold Weekend 2013

picture perfect female strength
This past weekend at the Arnold was an awesome experience.

We had over 6 teams compete in the Linda competition and all of our female teams made the cut for Sunday's finals. Of which one of our teams took first place!

Our girls are awesome. It's truly amazing to watch them grow physically and mentally from swinging 18lb kettlebells to deadlifting 300lbs. They are strong...they are caring...and they are excited about what they've done and more importantly what they're gonna do.

They train for performance....not for the scale. They are an example for all women. Based on the success we've had with our ladies in the gym. We are going to develop a summer camp for high school age female athletes. We've got to instill the same sense of confidence, strength, and determination into our young female athletes. Please stay tuned to this website and our Facebook page for details. In the meantime, you can email if you're interested in this program for your daughter.

In addition, our good friend Derick Carver put on an inspirational display giving all he had to give on the Linda event.

It was a remarkable experience to be there and witness it. Nice work Carver....we love you brother and look forward to watching the success of your gym!