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Monday, October 31, 2011

Cyborg Birthday Burpees at the Shoe!

PSKC celebrating at the Shoe!
This weekend several of us from the gym made the trip up north to tailgate and go watch OSU beat Wisconsin in a game for the ages. Not only was the game a one of a kind experience, the Cyborg aka Coach Mo got to her celebrate her birthday by watching her first ever Ohio State game.

After the game we got to rush the field, and of course the Cyborg took advantage of the moment by getting her 27 birthday burpees on the game field. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MO!! You are much loved and respected by everyone who steps foot inside of PSKC. We are beyond lucky to have you!

Today we bumped the Mudder workout to Tuesday because some of folks couldn't make the evening classes because of trick or treat. Have no fear, tomorrow's workout will be scary...

Tonight we trained the front squat in the beginning. 5 X 5..
After the strength work we went into a finisher that was taken from Practice Crossfit. 100 hand release pushups for time, however every minute on the minute do 3 thrusters (95/65). Looked easy on the board, but was much more deceiving in execution.

Couple of announcements for this week:

1) If you want a hoodie and/or shirt. I need your order and money no later than Friday. Full details on the apparel can be found HERE. These will be limited quantities. So it's important I have your order by Friday.

2) It's dues week. Please pay your monthly dues this week.

3) Intro class will be this Saturday at 10am. It will be an hour and half long, as we want to cover the basics. Please get the word out and let your friends know. Also, remember who you refer so you can take advantage of the referral program!

See you guys tomorrow for a helluva Mudder workout!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Front of hoodies & shirts

New shirts and hoodies! Big thanks to Sara for helping me with the design. Here's the deal. The gear is available for PRE-ORDER. I need your sizes/totals and payment NO LATER THAN Friday, November 4th. I'm hoping to have these available November 11th. I will order a few extras but not many, so this will be in limited quantities. Please pre-order so you won't miss out.
If you attend PSKC, go ahead and make you order there.  I will start collecting money this Monday. Make sure you list the sizes and quanities and go ahead and pay while you're there.
For the out of town fans of PSKC. Please use the online options below and make your pre-order now. As soon as the order comes in I'll ship it out to your location. Only thing I ask is be patient with me and take a photo of your PSKC swag when you get it!





Thursday, October 27, 2011

Introducing Strive for Strength: Beast Mode's Blog

D with perfect form
A few days back our very own Ashley aka BEAST MODE asked me if I thought it would be a good idea to start writing a blog. I immediately replied with "HELLS YEAH DUDE"! And really I encourage all of you to journal/blog. It doesn't have to be broadcast publicly if you don't want. But it provides an outlet for your thoughts and a record/history of your life.

I won't steal any of Ashley's thunder except to say she is has been a tremendous example and source of inspiration for many of the female members at PSKC. She wasn't born with muscles, pullups, and deadlifts...she trained to get that way. Please add her blog to your daily reading. You will not be dissapointed. - The blog of our very own Ashley!

Getting back to the compound, after Mudder Monday's workout. We spent a lot of time introducing and refining the squat clean. Remember footwork is key! After skill work we went into a 8 min AMRAP finisher of:
4 squat cleans (115/85)
6 ring dips
8 overhead swings (70/53)
*we also hit a surprise 400 meter run at the end.

The 5pm class was PACKED! Close to 30 people in there cranking it! That's awesome, but we offer 2 classes in order to spread out the equipment and resources. Plus it's much more manageable for us as coaches to instruct proper form and correct faults when we catch them. So please try to split the group up as much as you can.

On Wednesday, we spent some time refining the double under and handstand pushup skill. Double unders can be very just takes time. Ever see a jump roping ninja?

Here's some more tips to focus on...

After skill time we went into a 3 round conditioning workout:
Barbell or KB snatches were permitted depending upon familiarity
Tonight we did a 20 minute AMRAP based off of the Crossfit Hero WOD "Bradshaw"
6 deadlift (225/185)
12 pullups
24 double unders.

Tonight taught us how to deal with frustration especially with double unders. It's a new skill for us and just like anything else: more practice = more better!

If you've been around the gym for a while you're familiar with the story of Derick Carver. He's an old college friend of mine who is now a combat wounded veteran. Click HERE to read why there is a banner of him in the gym.

In this month's edition of Men's Health, there is great article of his story. Please click HERE to read the article and more importantly watch the video. You can get a small glimpse of what Derick is all about.

Finally, the gym will be closed on Saturday. A group of us will be headed up to Columbus to train at Rogue Fitness and then tailgate for the Wisconsin game. Get ahold of Zak aka C.U.W. if you want to meet up and hit up a trail run in Shawnee forest on Saturday morning.

Our next intro class will be next Saturday, November 5th at 10am. I've been getting lots of emails about wanting to start up. Please schedule that time for the intro so we can get you started down the right track at PSKC!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From Man to Beast: the Transformation of John to GRIZZ

from "Fat Dad"
to the GRIZZ
From self proclaimed “Fat Dad” to the “Grizz”, in 60 days, John transformed his mind first, then his body followed along for the ride. Read John’s story in his own words about his 2 month PSKC journey..

“Close to 60 days ago I stumbled upon a Facebook page that I saw on a friend’s page called Portsmouth Spartan Kettlebell Club – PSKC. I checked out their website and sent the owner Dale King, an email explaining my interest in getting my life back and how I wanted to play with my little girl and not be the “Fat Dad” that after 5 minutes of playing with her I was too tired.
for the love of family
 I explained to him how my self-esteem was at an all time low. The only constructive thing I did was get out of bed and even that was with a scowl on my face. When Dale wrote me an email back he was nothing but positive insuring me that every human being sees their darkest days but it’s the choice we make to either “embrace the suck” or lay there like a dog and watch the world pass us by.

So what did I choose? I chose STRENGTH. I didn’t want my life to be defined by weakness any longer. Before I even started working out Dale pointed me in the right direction. I bought the “Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf, read the book and started my Paleo Challenge the next day. On September 5th, I walked into the gym 243lbs, a heavy smoker and a depressed individual. I met Ann Jewett for the first time and she literally put me through hell. I couldn’t breathe and all I wanted to do was quit after that first day. To this day she still puts me through hell, but I do it faster and with a smile on my face. In the beginning, it was miserable but there was something about that place, something about watching people go through a workout and after it was all over still being able to smile and hear them say, “can’t wait until tomorrow.” I was attracted to it. I wanted that!
John's enthusiasm and will gave him the spirit to compete at Back at the Ranch
I haven’t looked back since! To date, I’ve lost 2 pant sizes, 28lbs and over 7% body fat. The best part of all of this is it’s make me a better person. I play with my daughter every chance I get and she’s having to keep up with dad now. I hug my wife and tell her how much I love her everyday and help her more than I ever have. I no longer have the scowl on my face when I wake up in the mornings to go to work. I also no longer smoke. It makes me appreciate my life for what it is. I won’t say it’s been easy, but if it were easy what would be the fun in that?
it's just the beginning of an awesome journey
To Dale, Ann, Monica and my entire family at PSKC, THANK YOU. You guys have changed my life.”

Pretty damn cool. What’s even better is one of the main reasons Grizz joined PSKC was because he read the transformation story of Troy aka the MACHINE, a 49 year old animal who is in the best shape of his life. Behold the power of the internet.

One man’s story about how his life was changed for the better was broadcasted for the whole world to see and another man’s life was changed because of it. They now work out alongside one another and push each other to be better than they were the day before.

Grizz is another shining example of what happens when you apply the proper amount of discipline to your nutrition and workout. He’s exactly’s not an easy road. But at PSKC you don’t have to do it alone.

That inner animal is somewhere inside each and every one of us. Society wants you to stuff it down, not to work hard, to be complacent. Eat their processed foods, watch their television… all the while a piece of you dies each day.

For those out there reading this and that are in the same situation, stop waiting. Unleash the beast, free that intensity that is within you. Come down and…attack..FIGHT. Take a stand against the “norm”, against mediocrity…find a goal..find a challenge. Most importantly…become better. That’s what Machine did and it inspired John to throw away the cigs and junk and become the GRIZZ. That’s what we do every day we train at PSKC, we become better..TOGETHER.

Come join us…

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why We Do Mudder Mondays...

Morning crew mid way through the Mudder
In case you happened to be on Court street yesterday and saw a bunch of maniacs doing weighted runs/carry up and down the length of the street, don't be alarmed it was just another Mudder Monday at PSKC.

So much for taking it easy after the Back at the Ranch competition. The workout consisted of:

Run to floodwall; men carry 40lbs, women carry 20lbs (approximately 1/2 mile)
50 squats
Run back to compound
50 pushups
Run to floodwall
50 squats
Run back to compound

That's over 2 miles of suck..everyone did a great job finishing within the 30-45 minute ballpark. We started doing these "Mudder" workouts around 4 months ago to prepare for the Tough Mudder next month in Indiana. So we made sure to program weekly workouts that pushed more into the endurance threshold. It will definitely help as we're in the final month of preparation. But after witnessing the camaraderie and teamwork that was on display at the Ranch, I have no doubt that PSKC crew will pull one another through the suck of the Mudder.

The course we're doing is approximately 12 miles stuffed with 22 obstacles that will be done more than likely in the freezing cold. What can you expect? See below..

Any and all are welcome to suffer through this thing with team PSKC. We have about 12-15 people doing it so far. It's not so much a race as it is a test to endure the suck. We'll all be in it together...

Let me know if you're interested. Click HERE and register under Team PSKC.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Importance of Being Awesome..


I know I use the word “awesome” a tremendous amount…but this past Saturday was AWESOME. PSKC rolled 15 deep up to Troy Ohio, to compete in the first ever Crossfit Back at the Ranch competition. I cannot adequately express nor describe the experience, other than to say every single person loved it. Later in the week I’ll post a bunch of photos and videos as they become available so you guys can see firsthand how much fun we all had. In the span of 4 workouts we got to experience:

Buddy Carry Trail Runs

½ mile run with 2 X 22lb bags of ice

Handstand Pushups

Thrusters, Pullups, Swings

Max front squats and max snatch

Log splitting, stone lifting, and bag drags

Leading up to the night before here’s a couple of the texts I got:

“I’m getting pumped, I need some competition back in my life”

“I haven’t felt like this since I stopped playing football, best feeling in the world”

Yes it was a great day filled with great people and cool events. But more importantly each person got to compete..not against other teams, but against themselves. There were so many highlights and so many firsts. The Grizz getting his first pullup, and doing his first thruster. Booboosan cranking out her first handstand pushups, the Machine being the oldest competitor there by far and setting an awesome Snatch PR. Watching Brandon and the Cyborg crank stone lifts like it was a ball of yarn. Just watching team PSKC newbies in action was a highlight in itself. I honestly don’t know if I would have had the stones to go compete just after less than 60 days of training. And this is just the tip of the iceberg..

If you talk to anybody that went they will tell you how amazing it was to be in that atmosphere and environment. They all are better today because of what they did on Saturday, and that’s the whole point.

Equally important, everyone learned about themselves and now has a renewed sense of energy and urgency to work on our weaknesses, all in the name of becoming better. I’m damn proud of our little warehouse gym. You guys never cease to amaze.

We have lots to work on, lots to look forward to, and lots to be thankful for… to all those who stepped up, battled their nerves, and threw down. It’s always better to be in the game than watching from the sidelines no matter the outcome…thank you for being so awesome.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

No One Likes a Bad Snatch

Tonight we introduced the highly technical skill of the Olympic lift, the snatch. For 45 minutes we did nothing but sweat and labor with a PVC pipe going over the basic skills. Only after technique has been drilled can we then start to work on weight. But we all must have a basic grasp before we can move onto the next level.

You guys did great and started to pick up very quickly on the mechanics and all the moving pieces. It's now up to you to practice this skill/lift on a daily basis in order to start refining the basics and becoming a better lifter. And guess what...if you can snatch your ass off...everything else is gonna get a whole hell of a lot easier for you.

Also, here's a tip. You can go to Lowes, and purchase a 5ft long PVC pipe for $1.17 and work the mechanics in your living room. You don't have to wait until you're at the compound to go be awesome.

Below are some videos that should help you and make a lot more sense now.

By the way, did you ever think you'd be in love with Olympic lifting? Pretty kick ass right?

You ready now?? Go load up a bar with around 435lbs and snatch it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Tough Mudder Surprise

Today we threw out a lil slice of Mudder Pie. It was taken from a workout that came across the main site the other day.  It was especially tasty for those who happen to no show on Mondays. I know it was a nasty trick to play. But I'm extremely proud of you guys who gutted it out. Now, there is no excuse for skipping Mondays.

After the workout, BC and Anthony wanted to "play around" around the log trainer. We just recently got this piece of awesomeness not too long ago. Any kid growing up in the 90s idolized the Strongman competitions that were featured on ESPN. After doing some clean and presses with this equipment you get a whole new level of appreciation for just how brutally strong these guys are.

After working a little technique Anthony and Brandon decided to go after it. Brandon ended with a 280lb clean.

And Anthony ended up cleaning 300!

It was impressive to say the least watching these guys put that weight up. Especially considering it was their first time doing it. But what they had that equipped them to do this was a great base of strength and conditioning from the countless workouts they've put in at the compound over the past several months. By the way they did all this AFTER the workout.


Monday, October 17, 2011

"Finish out today and quit tomorrow."

KB tossing
Today we broke from the norm and did a little team workout on Monday. But rest assured, you will get your Mudder workout this week, pop quiz style! It was a great chance for those competing on Saturday to work together in a team format and have a lil fun doing so.

Also, Brandon made some pretty sweet shirt for those competing this weekend. Make sure you get ahold of him at the gym or on Facebook if you want one!

Craig over at Barefoot Fitness has published a fantastic article worth reading. It deals a lot with how making decisions in an emotional state "in the moment" can have a far reaching impact into the future. It essentially provides some input into the often used saying "Pain is temporary, QUITTING IS FOREVER". If you just allow yourself to keep fighting, and keep putting one foot in front of the other you'll be happy you did.

Take a read below, if it will be well worth your time. See you guys tomorrow at the 5pm or 6pm option!..

In The Upside of Irrationality, Dan Ariely talks about a concept called self herding.

Herding refers to the tendency to act based on the behavior of other people whom we don't know well. Self herding is when rather than doing what a bunch of other people in a public place are doing, we refer to our actions in the past for subconscious guidance.

In a chapter titled, The Long Term Effects of Short Term Emotions, Ariely provides the following example:

"Imagine that something happens that makes you feel happy and generous - say, your favorite team wins the World Series. That night you are having dinner at your mother-in-law's and, while in this great mood, impulsively decide to buy her flowers. A month later, the emotion of the big win has faded away and so has the cash in your wallet. It is time for another visit to your mother-in-law. You think about how a good son-in-law should act. You consult your memory, and you remember your wonderful flower-buying act from your last visit, so you repeat it. You then repeat the ritual over and over until it becomes a habit (and in general this is not a bad habit to fall into). Even though the underlying reason for your initial action (excitement over the game) is no longer present, you take your past actions as an indication of what you should do next and the kind of son-in-law you are (the kind who buys his mother-in-law flowers). That way, the effects of the initial emotion end up influencing a long string of decisions."

The Emotional Cascade

Ariely and his colleague Eduardo Andrade refer to this tendency for transient emotions to affect long term decision making as the emotional cascade.

It's unsettling to consider how many of our inalterable past decisions were likely affected by passing emotions. Even more disturbing is to consider how many of our current and future choices are influenced by feelings we don't even remember.

Andrade and Ariely wanted to test the potential for the emotional cascade to induce self herding behavior.

The Ultimatum Game

To do this, they used a game known as The Ultimatum Game. In this game, two individuals are paired up and a fixed amount of money, say twenty dollars, is given to them to be shared. The catch is that the money is given to the first person who gets to decide how it will be split. The second person chooses whether the deal is acceptable and either accepts the amount shared by the first person or decides that they both get nothing.

Rationally, the second person is getting free money no matter how much the first person keeps, so it would make economic sense for him to accept any offer presented rather than walk away empty handed just to punish the first person for being selfish. Humans have an inherent sense of fairness though, and it's been found that most people given twenty dollars will keep about twelve and give the remaining eight to the person receiving the money. If the sender keeps more than that, it becomes increasingly likely that the receiver will choose for them to both get nothing.

Irritated or Happy?

In order to determine the effects of emotional state on this decision making process, the subjects were split into two groups. The first group was made to watch a short clip from the movie Life as a House in which a man is unfairly fired from his twenty year job as an architect by his asshole boss. The man is incensed and uses a bat to smash a series of intricate model homes he had built for his former company.

After watching this video, the subjects were asked to write several paragraphs about a time in their lives in which they had felt similarly.

The second group watched a clip from the sitcom Friends in which a group of cheerful cohorts comically solve a variety of interpersonal dilemmas and everything works out nicely.

In this version of the game, the subjects were to split ten dollars. Unbeknownst to them, the person deciding the amount to be shared, the sender, was one of the researchers and he always chose to keep $7.50 and give the subjects $2.50.

Predictably, the subjects who had watched the Life as a House clip and been asked to recall an emotionally vengeful state were much more likely to reject the offer than those who had been primed for happiness and goodwill.

Next, the subjects were given sufficient time for their emotions to return to baseline, tested to confirm this, and asked to play the game again.

Despite the absence of an emotional component, the subjects continued making choices in line with what they had done previously under the influence of either hostile or happy feelings. The group that had been irritated by the Life as a House clip was substantially more likely to continue turning down unfair offers.

General vs. Specific Herding

Self herding can manifest in either general or specific manners.

Specific herding is when a past decision is referenced when repeating a near-identical scenario, such as being the same player in an ultimatum game.

General herding is when past behavior is used as a reference for a wider range of circumstances. The example that Ariely gives is, "I gave money to a beggar on the street, so I must be a caring guy; I should start volunteering in a soup kitchen."

In order to determine if a small emotional trigger was enough to also influence general herding behavior, the experiment was continued with some changes. This time, the subjects were asked to play the game in the role of the sender; the person who decides how much money is offered to the second person.

If the emotional cascade here were limited to specific herding, then this new situation would be unaffected by past emotional states because the subjects were in unfamiliar roles. They would be unable to just do what they did previously, because there was no precedent.

If general herding were in play though, the individuals would be more likely to recall their emotionally driven decision and base their division of the money on that basis.

For example, the irritated group of people would recall that they were likely to reject low offers and assume that someone else in their position would do the same. The people in the agreeable Friends-watching group would recall that they had amicably accepted low offers and assume that other people would follow similar patterns.

As it turned, this held true. The people who had been irritated in the past experiment made offers substantially more fair than those who had been in the happy group. The people in the happy group had misattributed their past responses to the nature of the offer instead of the affect of their emotions and had flawed expectations of others who were now in their position. They ended up getting most of their offers unexpectedly rejected.

This series of experiments illustrates that general self herding is most likely playing a significant role in our lives. The decisions we make not only affect us in the moment, they can also have far-reaching consequences on our behavior in the future.

Quit Tomorrow

In SOF selection we used to have a saying: "Finish out today and quit tomorrow."

Selection is essentially a period of months or weeks in which a large group of people are tormented until most of them quit and what remains is a much smaller group of people with an inordinately high tolerance for being f**ked with.

It was incredibly tempting to tell yourself that the run was too far, the water was too cold or you just couldn't do another pushup. Many days you would want nothing more than to make it stop. One of the ways we coped with this was to promise ourselves and each other that we would never quit in the middle of an evolution. If we did, it would be at the end of the day once it was all over and the intensity of the moment had passed.

What happened for most guys is that they would look back on the evolution that made them want to quit, realize that it wasn't really that bad and be damn glad that they had waited to make a permanent decision.

Did you just start eating paleo and give up pasta, bread and cookies? Here's some news: It's going to suck, and there is nothing you can really do about that until your body adapts.

You're going to have moments of weakness in which you want nothing more than to eat a bagel slathered in cream cheese. Doing this once over the course of your first month won't really set you back too much and your mind is remarkably adept at coming up with reasons to justify any action. Maybe you had a bad day at work, you're in too much of a hurry to cook anything or it's a special occasion.

We know, however, that this one decision will not stand on its own. Each one is laying neural groundwork that will bias future decisions and eventually you are the summary of your habits.

My advice for when you want to give up and crack for just this one meal? Quit tomorrow. Eat what you know you need to today and if you're still craving a pop tart tomorrow you can have it then.

Most likely tomorrow will come, you'll feel just a little bit healthier, a little less dependent on sugar and you'll have strengthened your self herding tendency towards good decisions, making the next temptation just a little less imposing. You may still kind of want that bowl of chocolate frosted sugar bombs, but you can always eat it tomorrow.

Same thing in the gym. In the middle of a horrible set of high rep squats, you're going to want to come up with any reason to stop early. Don't. You can quit the entire workout once that set is over, but finish that one set. Once it's over, you'll probably find that you have it in you to finish another.

With conscious control, you can affect your actions today and establish the habits which you'll rely on in the future.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Great week lined up..

New PSKC logo for the hoodies! Great job Sara
We're gonna change things up a little bit this week. I'm gonna keep it a surprise, you'll just have to come down and see what's in store. This week 15 of us are making the trip to Troy Ohio, to compete and have a little fun at the Crossfit Back at the Ranch competition. There are still some slots available until Wednesday. If you guys would like to come and watch that's cool too! I know there's some folks who are doing that as well.
Check out the last video promo:

If you are competing, I'd like for you to hit the workouts HARD on Monday and Tuesday, and then taper off from there. I'd like to see you fresh and ready for a full day of fun on Saturday. That's doesn't mean you shouldn't come down to the gym. But I'd like to see you use that time to work on mobility and more importantly some skills we may encounter at the competition. The majority of the workouts will be kept a secret, but we do know we'll see some combination of the following:
Axle bar deadlifts
Atlas stone (throwing, lifting, etc)
Olympic Bar (clean, jerk, snatch)
Rope climbing and/or pulling
All sorts of crazy and cool stuff!

So, use your time wisely, and if you're not comfortable with any of those grab a coach and we'll be more than happy to help! I'm pumped that we managed to get 3 teams and a couple of individual competitors for this. This will be an awesome time!

You guys have low back pain/stiffness lately? Odds are it's because you have extremely tight hips

"Today’s mission is about understanding the relationship between missing hip extension, and extension based low back pain.  When athletes are getting up from being prone (think pop up in surfing or getting up after the pushup portion of a burpee) and they are tight in the front of the hip, they tend to create and extra “hip” joint right in the middle of their low backs.  Think about it.  If your hip is tight going into extension, its way easier to extend one of your pinche little spinal joints that that monster hip capsule.  You get the extension you are looking for and poof, two million extension episodes later (or one burpee challenge) and you’ve got a wicked case of brohken-itis. (Brohken is the technical term to describe someone that has lost spinal positioning under load btw.  As in, “Dewd, you are Brohken!)  How do we solve this problem?  Simple, open up the hip and control the pelvis spine relationship before you start moving quickly.  Slay the Brohken-Beast already."

Check out what you can learn from a surfer bro...

See you animals at the 9am or 6pm on Monday! Enjoy your Sunday...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Deadlifting for Dollars..

C.U.W. raising money for the Red Cross!
After we rocked a Saturday morning Pain Clinic. Close to 10 people from the gym set out to raise some money for the American Red Cross. Altogether PSKC raised over $2000 for our local chapter. Huge props to the "Deadlift for Dollas" crew who raised the most money!
How do you not give $$ to a guy doing axle bar deadlifts? 
Just want to send a huge thanks to all those who volunteered and donated money. I know you guys could have been doing lots of other things on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Thanks for being so giving and kind hearted, the money who helped raise will to go support disaster relief and those in need.  You guys never cease to amaze...

If anyone is interested a group of us are meeting up Sunday at 8am at the gym to go on a little run. Any and all are welcome to join!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"But You Shall Become the Miracle"

surprised it doesn't say HIPPIES instead of IEDS

The above license plate belongs to none other than Derick Carver. If you're new to the gym and/or blog, please click HERE to read about my good friend. Any man who gets his leg blown off in combat, then fights back to become stronger while keeping sense of humor intact..should have your utmost respect.

He is my constant reminder to man up and always maintain a sense of humor. It would have been very easy for Derick to become an angry and bitter man for what had happened to him and absolutley no one would have blamed him. He didn't...I'm sure there were bad times..but through it all he continued to fight.
I have 2 legs and I can't ski worth a damn, let alone catch some air

If you think the metaphorical weight you carry around is too heavy, don't wish that it were lighter, instead train your body and mind to be stronger. This is paraphased from one of my favorite quotes:

"Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle, but you shall be the miracle."
-Phillips Brooks

Through continued hard work, you can become the miracle. Sometimes you can think the "suck" can become too much. Whether that "suck" is a Mudder Monday or more likely when life hits hard outside the gym. Always believe you can shoulder the burden and be the one standing.
becoming the miracle

And for gym specific stuff, don't ever get down on yourself. Always remember the state you were in on your very first workout, never forget how far you've come. It's incredible to see how far so many of you have come. And for those who have stalled or don't think you're progressing fast enough. Here's a few questions you need to ask yourself:

1) What are you eating and drinking? Your diet more than anything is going to determine how well you perform and look. No matter what, you can't "out train a shitty diet". And HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE...

2) Are you training hard and consistently? You've got to put in at least 3 times/week. And simply showing up doesn't cut it either. You've got to attack the workouts like a "rabid grizzly on meth". Get excited, strive for the challenge. Just because you aren't up to the "prescribed" weights yet doesn't mean you should always stay in your comfort zone. If you can't do 95lbs on certain things, that doesn't automatically mean you drop to 65lbs...try 75/85.

3) Rest/Recovery: How many hours of quality rest/sleep are you averaging a day/week? You're putting your body through hell...the way the body becomes stronger is through quality rest and nutrition outside of the gym. And don't forget to work your mobility to help in the recovery process.

No matter what..keep fighting, always. And it doesn't hurt to have a little fun and smile either...

Schedule note: this Saturday's Pain Clinic will start at 0830. We're going a half hour earlier so folks can go help out at the Red Cross event. We still need people! Make sure you register at the gym.

Also, we are still having the 10am Intro on Saturday. Please continue to spread the word and let your friends know!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Push Press

Wednesday's Workout..the C.U.W. was howling at the moon!
Tonight was another jam packed day at both the morning and evening classes. We started with some heavy KB push presses. The key is get a solid clean expand the belly with air, load the hips and explode up into the lockout. Elbow needs to locked, head in front, palm facing away. At the top the kettlebell will be stacked and aligned with the body. See below for a good and bad example.
Ash with the 70lber. Perfect finish position. Elbow locked, palm facing forward. 
Mighty Joe with Goldie (106). Although he got it up, his hand/shoulder is externally rotated WAY too far. 
Take a look at the photos for a comparison. Not knocking Joe here, just happened to catch the lift at the right time. Full disclosure, this was his weak hand! He can lift a house no doubt, but when proper technique is utilized he could lift a mansion and save impact on the joints in the meantime.

Here's a quick look into the finisher. Don't know why there's no sound...

Also, we are taking another order for the kickass USMC/PSKC shirts. The cost is $20. If you want to grab one make sure you sign up in the gym. Also, let your friends know we're doing another intro this Saturday at 10am!

Don't forget your mobility homework! I just dried my tears from doing 5 minutes of the couch stretch while watching Dexter.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Red Cross Challenge = This Saturday

T-Pain & Jules representing the morning crew with Curtis Ps
All Mudder Mondays are bad. Some are just worse than others, yesterday was one that was a soul crusher. More than once, we heard at around round 3..."I can't make it through this". But everyone did! Whether you ripped it apart like a coked up werewolf (aka Freak LaFontaine) in 40 minutes, or it took you over an hour. You still finished, and that's the most important part. That's the most vital part about Mudder Mondays, it's refusing to quit and simply finishing, one foot in front of the other.

one of the newer members Haley grinding it out
Curtis P = clean, right lunge, left lunge, push press. Legion Run = approx. 1/2 mile

Moving onto this Saturday, the Red Cross needs our help. What does the Red Cross do? Short answer is A LOT...stuff like like disaster relief; community services that help the needy; support and comfort for military members and their families; the collection, processing and distribution of lifesaving blood and blood products; educational programs that promote health and safety; and international relief and development programs.

This Saturday, members from PSKC are teaming up to collect money our local Red Cross Chapter. Two of our own (Trappy and Commish) sit on the board, so we need to help them out. Here's the details:

October 15th, Saturday time slots are 10am-1pm & 1pm -4pm

1. Sign up as partners, or we can assign you someone.
2. You will be placed at an intersection with red cross volunteers to raise money from passing traffic.
3. Team that raises the most money wins.
4. This is skill, not luck, you have to be active and energetic, and use any other talents you can muster. (e.g. pushups for money, feel free to take anything from the gym if you want)

The partners and/or team that raises the most money receives 1 Free Month dues!