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Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Gym Update

We are getting close! We just need to finish the bathrooms then move in and you guys will have 6000sq ft of CrossFit awesomeness. Since this summer a lot of people have been working HARD to bring this project to life and we are pumped to get up and going. There is going to be lots of bonuses and perks for you all.

SAVE THE DATE: We are looking at moving in on Saturday October 26th. We will have our last Pain Clinic at the old gym at 0900 and then go straight into moving/setting things up right after that. We will need as much help as possible to make it quick and painless. Bring a truck, bring a friend!

The week before the 26th the gym will be bare bones as we will be moving things out throughout the week. It will pretty much look like it used to when we first opened up over 3 years ago.

Below are some photos of the progress of the new digs:

It's gong to be great and we can't wait for the many memories to come.

Here is this week's prograaming. It's max out week, so you guys need to ingesting more quality calories this week to ensure you're primed and ready to go for the 1RM efforts. Don't forget to be getting quality sleep and recovery as well.

1RM Deadlift
15 OH Squat 95/65
Legion Run
15 Burpee Box Jumps
Stoplight Run
15 Weighted Lunges 95/65
Gate Sprint

Test Max Pull-ups
TGU-work up to heavy Turkish getup
5 rounds
10 OH Swings 53/35
10 KB Snatch (5 each arm)
10 Gob Squats
10 T2B
Cash Out-Row 500 meters or 50 cal airdyne

1RM Military Press
You go I go style, teams of 2
6 Gate Sprints (3 gate sprints per person)
5 Clean and Press 115/85
10 Push-ups
20 Rounds (10 rounds per person)

HSPU and Pistols(each leg)
30/30/30x4 stay at the same station
Mountain Climbers/Plank
Swings/Rack Hold
Flutter Kicks/Hold legs 6" off ground

Burpee Pull-ups
Back Squat 95/65
Push Press 95/65
Weighted Sit-ups
Lantern Run

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