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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thank You Derick...

There are many things that may you impact you emotionally in this life, these two sentences that I read today from Derick impacted me the greatest....

"What Dale won't say to you is he was the one the helped get me to where I am now. Thanks brother."

To understand more about 1LT Derick Carver; click here for Derick's story

I struggled with the decision to write a post about this, because I didn't want it to seem like this is about me. To say thanks to Derick for his kind words he posted on his facebook page is simply not enough, let me be very clear and set the record straight; I did nothing for Derick. His amazing recovery is a result of his tenacity, strength, and determination. He refused to be defeated. All I ever did was tell him a little group of people in a little town in Ohio care and pray for him....the least I could do was share his story and how he has impacted me.

As a matter of fact, Derick has done way more for me than I could ever do for him. He is one of my greatest sources of strength and inspiration, and to read those words from him that I had "helped" him in anyway was to my friend and my hero; Derick thank you brother, thank you.

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