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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Outdoor Rig is Rocking! Tue/Thurs 9am Classes Start This Week..

Outdoor rig tested at the Pain Clinic
Now that spring has sprung and warmer weather is here it's time to expand the party outside! On Friday a group of us constructed the outdoor pullup rig. Now we don't have to be so congested inside  and the rig was designed to show the shorties some love!

Kevin showing how it's done..
finishing touches
awesome members doing awesome things..
I want to send a huge thanks to all you guys that helped out! We are very lucky to have you guys.

REMINDER: this week we are adding more morning classes to the mix. There will be a Tuesday and Thursday 9am class, which means we now have Monday through Friday morning classes at 9am!

Also, we are doing an intro program tomorrow at 5pm. Let your friends know and don't forget about the referral program. Please plan to join us tomorrow as we will do a workout to honor the recent sacrifice that 3 Ohio National Guardsmen gave in Afghanistan.

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