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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ironskull Fitness Kettlebells Sponsoring the 2012 Gauntlet!

We'd like to officially welcome Ironskull Fitness Kettlebells as an official sponsor for the 2012 Gauntlet! We've long been fans of the quality badassedness they manufacture in the form of a skull kettlebell. So much so the gym's good luck charm (MAPACHE) is an Ironskull bell. Why Ironskull?

Do you like America?......check
Do you like Ohio?........check
Do you like kettlebells?.....check
Do you like camo and/or skulls?....double check

If you answered yes, then you'll LOVE Ironskull. American made kettlebells, headquartered right here in Ohio. Doesn't get much better than that. Click HERE to check them out. Big thanks to this awesome company step up and allow us to make a great event even better.

The top male finisher in each age category will receive a deluxe painted Ironskull bell!

The top female finisher in each age category will receive a pink camo Ironskull bell!

Told you there were some cool things in the works! Hopefully more to come! You better get in while you still can!! Click HERE to register!

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