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Friday, April 8, 2011


PSKC is a group of amazing people with amazing talents. Sara "the Muscle Hamster" Mauk is one of the people with amazing talents. Sara and I go way back...(like our moms used to do Jazzercise way back). Any logo or design you've seen on a shirt or a banner has been designed by Sara Mauk..

So forever Mo has been beating me up to a PSKC "lady's tank top"..I was kind of hesitant, then Primetime hit me up about it...and then I began to all the chicks at PSKC love the saying "STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY" created by the folks at SINS. So I emailed to get permission to use it, and all they asked was to take pictures of our members in them once they're done!

But of course we had to make it more of PSKC of the ongoing inside jokes is how after a while of training at PSKC, chicks start to develop shoulders...traps included. We're big fans of showing the traps, Alisha's nickname is even baby the front of the shirt will have the slogan...

The back of the tank will look like this...

Pretty damn cool...Sara does great work. I highly recommend you get ahold of her if you ever need any type of help with graphic design. 

Don't forget we're doing a special Saturday intro tomorrow at 10am...let your friends now we'd love to have them! See you tomorrow at the Pain Clinic. If you're interested in the tank tops, make sure you give us your sizes at the gym. These things will sell quickly!

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