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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Ash vested up and tearing it up
POPS aka the Machine
Due to Saturday's activities this week's intro will be on Wednesday at 5pm! Tell your friends and spread the word. PSKC is the best gift you could offer them. Strength, confidence, community, capability, and health. No where else does and/or offer what we do.

Still wondering if we are right for you, maybe a little nervous about trying us out? Here's what Cindi, who has been with us for a few months had to say after watching a recent video we posted:

"This video make me think back to a few months ago, when I was so anxious to try PSKC but too nervous to get started. I was seeing all of these awesome videos and thinking that it looked so fun...but tough, and everyone was having such a great time. Then finally one day I just went and sooo glad I did! BEST CHOICE EVER!"

Don't forget about Saturday's festivities with Santa's sleigh push. You must register for the race ahead of the time, click HERE for details. We will rally at 0800 at the gym to decorate the sleigh, the mo redneck the mo better. Don't forget to rock a pretty awesome costume yourself (no pops you cannot wear a thong).

Also, if you're checking our website out wondering if to try us out. If you run/walk in the Jingle Bell Jog you'll receive a free coupon to a special 11am Saturday Pain Clinic workout following the race. See the clip below for a glimpse inside a Saturday Pain Clinic:

See you all tomorrow!

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