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Sunday, August 14, 2011


hells yeah dude!
Apologize for the lack of posting the last 2 weeks, but your instructors were down in the British Virgin Islands enjoying a much needed vacation for the last couple of days. Big thanks to Dave and Shep who held classes while we were gone. We got back on Wednesday and it just felt really great to be back at the compound around the awesome people who make up PSKC. 

Below is an example of an awesome person that does awesome things. Her name is Barb (aka Barbasauras Rex, Barba-Booie, Cougar Club member). She is a 40+ year old wife, mother, nurse, and now a gymnast! She has been with us for most of the first year and watching her progress from day 1 until now has been amazing. 
She also likes Eminem and Howard Stern!
This is just one of the MANY examples of people becoming stronger and healthier through good old fashioned hard work and through surrounding themselves with positive people in a positive atmosphere. 

Many folks tell me they would love to come down but they feel somewhat intimidated by all the chaos they see on the website/videos or feel they need to be in better shape before they come down. To both I say the same thing...just come on down and start! You won't regret it and you'll make remarkable gains very quickly if you stay consistent. 
Bill, one of our newest members..
Bill is a great example of that. After being subject to 100 wall balls for time, when he got done he looked at me and smiled and quipped "it's starting to suck less"....he came to the intro and shows up 2-4 times a week and is on the path to being capable of doing anything his body is asked to do. 

And now is the best time to get in and become a member before the new rates take effect on September 1st. We will be offering the Founders discount to anyone who comes down and attend classes between now and September 1st. That means you will be locked into the current rate of $50/month instead of the new $65/month rate beginning next month. 

Also, when we got back we were able to head up to Rogue Fitness and grab some awesome new gear! 
4 new bars, several hundred pounds of bumpers, and a GHD machine!
The reason we were able to get so much stuff was to due to the awesome support you guys gave for the softball tournament a few weeks ago. Now we will be able to program much more Olympic lifting into our workouts, so get ready for that!

Finally, here are some administrative announcements for this week:

Due to the Red Cross Heroes Dinner on Wednesday there will no evening classes on Wednesday. So we are moving the intro class to Tuesday at 5pm. Let your friends know! Now is the time to get them in so they can be locked into the $50/month rate. 

Speaking of letting your friends know; let's talk REFERRAL SYSTEM! For those who purchase the monthly option, once you refer 5 people to the gym your next month of training is 1/2 off! We will put up a referral tracking board in the gym, but IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to track the people you refer. 

9/11 Throwdown Fundraiser: we are now under a month for the fundraiser to support our wounded warriors and their families. Starting on Monday we will be collecting t-shirt orders for the event. 
I will need your size and $25 no later than Friday in order to have the shirts in time for the event. Don't forget $5 from each shirt goes towards the Disposable Heroes Project! 

That's about it! Looking forward to getting back to the grind and offering you guys the best experience and atmosphere possible!! Keep kicking ass PSKC..

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