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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Olympic Lifting Options

nothing like 2 man teams pulling a RZR for a 5K
This week you will notice we are adding in the option of an Olympic lift to be done during the strength/skill portion of certain workouts (depending upon the programming). So for example this will be Monday's training:

Deadlift - 3
Double KB Strict Press - 3
5 rounds

*Olympic Lifting Option:
Clean and Jerk
Spend remaining time working heavy singles

100 X Double KB Clean and Press (35/18)
* DO NOT SET BELLS DOWN. Only authorized resting position is farmers carry hold. Do not set on shoulders and/or legs. INTEGRITY. If you set bells down or use unauthorized resting position, you immediately perform 25 burpees.

As you can see during the S/S portion we will have 2 different options going on at the same time. On the gym floor we will separate these two groups out with a coach with each group. HOWEVER, in order to participate in the Olympic lifting portion, you must have taken an Olympic Lifting intro. To do so, send Coach Zak an email ( and he will get you started. 
The Olympic lifts aren't just something you can pick up on your own. You need to be trained by a certified coach to get you started down the right path. Just so happens all of our coaches are USAW level 1 coaches. 

We believe this will accommodate everyone's needs and give you guys a chance to pick what you want to work on. The choice is yours. If O-lifting doesn't interest you, no problem you can still work the basic lifts and continue to advance your strength levels. Then after the S/S portion is over we link back up for the finisher. 

See you guys for another great week of training!

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