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Friday, May 18, 2012

Hike 4 Hospice - 9am and Saturday is Last Day to Register for the Gauntlet!

You do not wanna make this girl mad, so show up and help pull the trailer!
Don't forget Saturday 9am - Hike 4 Hospice. We are meeting up at 9am at the Hospice, then loading into the trailer and pulling it for a 5K! Every block or 30 seconds we will switch out the pullers. If you have a PSKC shirt, please wear it and come ready for an awesome time for a great organization.

And here's a look at your trailer:
So let's load as many folks in it as possible and have a great time. We will be having a follow on Pain Clinic workout at the gym at 11am.

Slots for the Gauntlet have been flying off the shelf the last 2 days. We are now over 40 registered participants! Tomorrow night registration closes, so please get signed up now!

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