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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Eventbrite - 2012 PSKC GAUNTLET
Click HERE to register for the 2012 Gauntlet!! All event details are covered on the event website. We are only taking the first 60 people for the event. First come/first served.

We are still working the events/details. But you can count on a total of 4 events. As the event gets closer we will release more details as it gets closer. Here's what you can count on....FUN in an amazing and encouraging atmosphere. You will be tested physically and mentally. This is for all levels and a great chance to do your first competition.

If you don't want to compete we still need your help! We will need several volunteers and judges to pull this off. So just let us know if you're willing to volunteer your time!

So here's your first teaser....for event #1 be ready to DEADLIFT!!! For the other prepared for ANYTHING!

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